Disappearing Text Messages

Introduced by several prominent instant text messaging brands such as WhatsApp and Telegram, being able to encrypted text messages is one of the major game-changers when it comes to your internet and data safety. Disappearing text messages you send using WhatsApp, Telegram, and Ramnia are powered by very similar end-to-end encryption technology which when compared […]

Self Destruct Video

Nowadays, thanks to amazing technological advancements, we send instant messages, self destruct messages, images, and short and long videos within seconds. Nonetheless, if you send a video using those standard communication channels, your video can be intercepted by a third party or by someone else who is not the intended recipient. This is where self […]

This Message Will Self Destruct

When you have a note saying “This Message Will Self Destruct”, you are not in some kind of spy movie but the sender has chosen to send you a private message in a well-protected, encrypted manner. Even though this sounds like something from a movie, self destructing technologies including those that text messaging services and […]