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You communicate with friends and family members using instant messaging services and you are looking for the best message app for Android? If so, this guide on the best instant messaging services for Android users will help you find a messaging app that fits your preferences. Nowadays, we have amazing instant messaging services at our disposal, and these work for both Android and iOS devices. However, here we focus on messaging apps for Android devices.

Thanks to Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email, we are now able to send instantaneous messages to anyone in the world and these messages can contain photos, files, videos, and other media. Before the advent of the internet, electronic media, social media platforms, and instant messaging apps, people communicated with each other only non-verbally and verbally.

Today, there is a plethora of communication options and many of these followed the advent of the internet. Without almost any limitations, people from all over the globe communicate with each other using their mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. The term online communication refers to communication channels and options including chat rooms, instant messaging apps, and other similar services.

Find Your Message App for Android

Since online communication options we use today are reliable, easily accessible to everyone with a computer or a smartphone, millions of people daily turn to these options instead of those traditional communication forms. In addition to being accessible to anyone connected to the internet, instant messaging apps and similar services provide more flexibility and of course, more opportunities for people from all over the globe to connect and communicate with a single click of a button.

No matter your preferences when it comes to online communication options, there is doubtlessly a message app for Android that provides what you are looking for. If you value your data privacy and safety, you have a variety of secure, encrypted messaging apps out there. If you prefer video calling over standard texting, you also have great options at your disposal. Since there are many different options out there, it may be challenging to find a message app for Android that works the best for you. Further, we explore some of the best instant messaging apps for Android devices that use end-to-end encryption.

Threema Message App for Android

When looking for a secure, encrypted message app for Android that always keeps your private data safe from hackers, third-parties, and other intruders, consider Threema. Just like many other reliable encrypted, secure instant messaging services out there, Threema is another open-source messaging app that can be downloaded to Android devices for only $3.12.

The service was developed by the Threema GmbH company back in December of 2012 and unlike Viber and WhatsApp, it does not ask for a phone number to register and use the app. It also does not ask for other personal information so everyone using Threema can enjoy greater anonymity. With the Threema message app for Android, you can send text messaging, multimedia, voice messages, you can also make video calls, and much more.

Threema uses the very best end-to-end encryption which means every message you send using the service is unreadable and inaccessible to anyone outside in the digital world except the person you send your messages to. With Threeema, you can also send self destruct messages, self destruct videos, and self destruct images that as suggested destroy themselves completely after a certain time as set by you.

  • Excellent end-to-end encryption system
  • Does not collect any of your personal data
  • Lets you send self destruct messages and files
  • Threema is free of trackers and ads


This message app for Android guide would be incomplete without yet another great encrypted, instant messaging service out there, KakaoTalk. As estimated recently, KakaoTalk has around 220 active users which is quite impressive when compared to other similar services out there. KakaoTalk was launched back in 2010 by the Kakao Corp. that is based in South Korea.

This message app for Android is also available for Windows-powered desktop devices. With the KakaoTalk app, you can get for free right away from the Google Play Store, you can send free encrypted messages, you can make video calls, as well as share voice messages, videos, images, and your contact information. Group chats and of course one-on-one chats are available. Just like Threema, KakaoTalk values your internet and data privacy, so it allows you to send fully encrypted messages as soon as you enable this mode in the app.

  • Used by over 200 million people
  • Great privacy features offered
  • Offers self destructing options
  • Uses the best end-to-end encryption


Developed by the Wire Swiss GmbH company, Wire is another great, secure, and reliable message app for Android with a bunch of great features. Just like the two previously mentioned instant messaging apps for Android, Wire is a fully encrypted instant messaging app that is not only available for Android but also for Linux, iOS, and Windows devices. The Wire app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Wire is known for its collaboration messenger that allows users to make video calls, voice calls, and conference calls. With the Wire app, you can also send encrypted text messages, videos, images, and files and everything you share using the app is one hundred percent protected from anyone who is not the intended recipient. Wire offers several different instant messaging options including Wire Enterprise with added features for companies and bigger organizations, Wire Pro also for businesses, and Wire Personal which works like other personal use apps.

  • The most secure messaging app for businesses
  • Uses the best end-to-end encryption
  • Everything you share is protected
  • Fully compliant with the EU protection laws

In addition to Wire, Threema, and KakaoTalk which we discussed here, there are several other great instant messaging apps for Android out there that also deserve your attention. WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Telegram, Signal, Wickr, and Confide are also great options. If you are interested in learning more about these, check other articles here regarding encrypted messaging and disappearing messaging apps and services.

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