Disappearing Text Messages App

You are looking for the best, most reliable, and secure disappearing text messages app to download to your iOS or Android device? If so, this detailed guide which explores the best encrypted instant messaging apps out there will help you decide. As suggested, disappearing text messages are private messages you send to friends, family members, or your online friend that disappear or vanish once a predetermined expiration date comes.

Nowadays, you can easily get a disappearing text messages app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. While there are many apps of this kind at our disposal, not all of them deserve your attention as not all of them provide the same features and the same level of online protection. One of the biggest benefits of turning to a disappearing text message app is greater internet safety and data privacy. Other benefits include being able to communicate online more freely without worrying about your confidential data being accessed by third parties, your cellular provider, government, or hackers.

Those apps that let you send disappearing text messages, self destruct files, videos, and images are basically encrypted instant messaging apps that are powered by end-to-end encryption technologies. When service of this kind employs the best, state-of-the-art encryption technology, you can rest assured your private data remains safe as it travels from your texting device to your recipient’s desktop device or mobile device. The entire process of transmission is encrypted, so no one except the person with the required encryption key can access and view your private messages.

Find Your Disappearing Text Messages App

Thanks to the advent of the internet which significantly changed the way we communicate with each other, there are almost no boundaries to online communication technologies, services, and apps. No matter which instant messaging app you use, you send text messages, images, files, and video in real-time to anyone who is connected to the internet and has a device to receive that message.

While there are many different options out there to choose from, not all instant messaging apps let you send private, encrypted, self destruct, and disappearing text messages. In other words, not all services of this kind are powered by the best end-to-end encryption and this is the best technology we have at our disposal today to boost our internet and data privacy when communicating online.

This leads us to different instant messaging services. The best disappearing text messages app for Android and iOS devices will use encryption technologies. The most secure instant messaging apps will also let you share self destruct images, videos, and files. The most secure instant messaging apps are not short on other great features such as disappearing messages expiration timers you set, optional password features, and more you get to use to further protect your confidential data.

While millions of people use SMS messaging which has been around for quite some time, your SMS messages are not encrypted in any way. This means that anyone who knows how can intercept, view, and store your private SMS messages. The only exception to this rule is using Apple Inc.’s iMessage instant messaging service. When you communicate using Instagram and Twitter, your private messages are not encrypted. This is not the case when using a disappearing text messages app that employs the best end-to-end encryption such as those mentioned further.

Telegram Messenger

When discussing a greatly reliable, easy to use, and safe disappearing text messages app you can download for free to your iOS or Android device, we have to mention Telegram Messenger. Just like other services of this kind with encrypted instant messaging options, Telegram connects you to anyone out there in the world with its powerful, end-to-end encrypted centers and servers that do not store your personal data but only make sure that your messages safely reach the recipient.

The Telegram instant messaging service was developed by Telegram FZ LLC and Telegram Messenger Inc. back in August of 2013. In its essence, Telegram is a cloud-based, cross-platform, instant messaging service that lets you make encrypted video calls, send encrypted text messages, as well as share encrypted images, videos, and other files. In addition to being available to iOS and Android users, Telegram messenger can also be downloaded to Linux and Windows-powered desktop devices.

As estimated in January of 2021, Telegram Messenger has over 500 million regular users who have recognized the importance of staying safe when communicating online. In addition to many different features, one of the best provided by Telegram Messenger is being able to send self destructing or disappearing text messages.

Telegram Disappearing Text Messages App for iOS Devices

  • To send a disappearing text message using Telegram:
  • Get the Telegram Messenger app from the App Store
  • Use the Secret Chat option to send a disappearing text message
  • Open the Telegram Messenger app and select one of your conversations
  • Click on the profile name and select the More button
  • Press on the Start Secret Chat button
  • Confirm the selection and the Secret Chat mode is one
  • Set an expiration date for your disappearing message
  • Click on the Stopwatch icon
  • Set the expiration date anywhere between one second and one week
  • Click on the Done button and compose your message
  • You can include self destruct videos, photos, and GIFs as well

Telegram Disappearing Text Messages App for Android Devices

If you want to use this disappearing text messages app on your Android device, starting a Secret Chat is different. To send a disappearing text message using the Telegram Messenger app of your Android device:

  • Download the Telegram Messenger app from the Google Play Store
  • Open the app on your Android device
  • Head to the chat where you want to send a disappearing text message
  • Click on the contact’s name and press on the three-dot icon
  • Select the Start Secret Chat option from the menu
  • Confirm the selection by pressing Start
  • From here, click on the stopwatch icon to set the self destructing time frame
  • Once you have composed your message, press Send

As previously mentioned, with the Telegram Messenger app downloaded to your Android or iOS device, you can send disappearing videos and photos to any of your Telegram contacts. It should be noted that these options only work for one-on-one communication which means you cannot send self destruct videos, images, or files to your group chats.

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