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Secretive apps including those that we will discuss here have started a completely new era of keeping things private. Secretive apps have made it super easy to hide phone calls, text messages, files, images, and much more you want to keep away from the prying eyes. Most used are secretive apps for text messages that rely on end-to-end encryption to make it virtually impossible for intruders to access your text messages.

Secretive apps that hide and keep safe private photos, notes, and files are also popular. The best part, all of these apps work on both iOS and Android devices while many of them have separate apps that work on desktop devices and laptops. The bottom line, with secretive apps you can stop worrying about your personal, confidential text messages, photos, and everything else you want to keep safe as these apps make sure everything stays private. So, let’s take a look at the best secretive apps for hiding photos and videos.

The Best Secretive Apps for Hiding Photos and Videos

Everyone has photos that are meant to stay private and secure. However, almost everyone has faced the issue of keeping such photos private on their smartphones. Not once but many times, people scrolling through your gallery come across photos you do not want to see them. With the best secretive apps, this is not a problem and some of the best options are Private Photo Vault, Keepsafe Photo Vault, and Clock Secret Vault.

Private Photo Vault

The Private Photo Vault secretive app for hiding photos and videos is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store so it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. The app was crafted by Legendary Software Labs LLC. With the app, you can protect your photos and videos in a pattern or PIN-protected folders. Private Photo Vault also features other great security tools that come in handy if your smartphone gets stolen.

In this case, the Private Photo Vault app can take a picture of the thief as well as reveal the thief’s current location via GPS. Besides, the app comes with a bunch of in-app edit features you can turn to enhance the brightness and contrast of your photos. The latest version of this secretive app introduces up to eight-digit passcodes, cloud vault for premium accounts, encrypted backup, the option to sync videos and photos between different devices, space saver tools, recovery options, face down lock for premium accounts, and a brand new, sophisticated design.

  • Eight-digit passcodes
  • Encrypted backup
  • Space saver and sync options
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Face down lock

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault crafted by KeepSafe Software Inc. is another excellent secretive app for hiding photos. Unlike many other secretive apps of this kind, this one has an extra protection layer as it never shows up in your list of recently used apps. Like Private Photo Vault, the app uses the most advanced, military-grade encryption technology to secure your most personal photos with a fingerprint, pattern lock, or PIN. The Keepsafe Photo Vault app also locks automatically when your smartphone is facing down.

Users of Keepsafe Photo Vault can also preserve special photos and memories, protect copies of their credit cards, IDs, and driver’s licenses. With the app, it is also possible to organize personal documents. The latest version of the app made it easier to upload, access, and organize photos. The latest version also added photo backup options, custom albums, an integrated camera so that photos can be taken directly from the app, and sync options to keep photos and videos safe across multiple devices.

  • Great UX and design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sync and backup options
  • Tablet and phone support
  • Integrated camera

Clock Secret Vault

Just like those two previously mention secretive apps, Clock Secret Vault is downloadable to iOS and Android devices. This is one of the best apps of this kind for hiding photos and videos and it was dipen narola. Besides helping you keep safe your private videos and photos, with Clock Secret Vault, you can also hide various sensitive apps, protect the privacy of these apps, freeze various kinds of rogue apps, and even boost the speed and performance of your mobile device.

All of this is done by the Clock Secret Vault secretive app that even lets you decide where you want to keep your hidden photos and apps, in the cloud storage or local storage. With Clock Secret Vault, your sensitive photos, videos, and other sensitive content are password protected. What is even more, the app’s icon looks like a regular clock icon, so nobody will ever know that this is a secretive app. A bunch of other great features is included as well such as private photo galleries, secret photo albums, easy exports and imports from your standard gallery, file sharing options, photo, and video vaults, and password-protected photo albums, and password-protected app entry.

  • Private image and video galleries
  • Password protected albums
  • Fire sharing options
  • Compatible with different video formats
  • Easy photo and video viewing

Other Great Secretive Apps

In addition to these great secretive apps that work on both iOS and Android devices, there are several other great options to check out including Best Secret Folder that works on iOS devices. It also hides your videos, photos, and files within a secured, password-protected folder. Secret Calculator is another iOS app that uses a decoy icon and hides everything from photos and videos to URLs, and GIFs. Secret Calculator also offers many other options such as double protection, album and photo locks, and even editing tools.

The Secret Photo Album secretive app also works on iOS devices. It supports Face ID, PIN, pattern, and password protection options alongside a handy decoy feature. Then, there are Vaulty Hide Pictures and Videos that can be downloaded to Android devices, Hide It Pro that also allows you to create different photo albums and password secure them. When it comes to the best secretive apps for text messages, the best options are WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Viber, Line, and WeChat.

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