Telegram Vs Signal

In this detailed Telegram vs Signal guide, we take a look at two very popular, widely used instant messaging apps to see what they have in common, which security measures are better, and which once deserves your attention more. Before we continue, it is worth saying that both Telegram and Signal have a great loyal user base and this does not come as a surprise considering their great features that allow you to communicate online without any fear that your private, confidential data is exposed to intruders.

Further in this Telegram vs Signal guide, we take a look at each service separately. In other words, we check what kind of security measures Telegram and Signal employ. We also check other features that these services offer such as disappearing text messages and we also go through other options available when you get their respective apps. At the end of the article, you will be familiar with both options and you can decide which one works better for you based on your preferences and on what you are looking for, so let’s start.

Telegram Vs Signal Encrypted Messaging Apps

Both Telegram Messenger and Signal are encrypted messaging apps which means they use some kind of end-to-end encryption to protect private data, files, and everything else you share using these options. As you are probably familiar by now, instant messaging apps that use such technology and these include Telegram, Signal, as well as WhatsApp, Viber, and other popular options that let you communicate with anyone online securely and privately.

Telegram and Signal both encrypt your private messages at your end as well as on the intended recipient’s end so anyone in the middle cannot access, view, or interfere with the content of your messages or the content of your Telegram and Signal private messages. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) when employed properly protects your confidential data shared using instant messaging apps all the way.

In other words, the data you share is protected as it travels from your device to the recipient’s device. When it comes to Telegram vs Signal, both services thrive when it comes to their security measures but there are some differences in the way they operate and in the way they collect your private data. So, let’s explore how Telegram and Signal work.

Telegram Messenger and Its Features

When you look at the most downloaded apps from the App Store and Google Play, chances are you will come across awesome instant messaging apps including Telegram and Signal we discuss today. When compared to their major rivals such as WhatsApp, SMS texting, and Facebook Messenger, both Telegram and Signal promise more online and data privacy.

Telegram Messenger is a cross-platform, freeware, cloud-based software, and app for instant messaging available to Android and iOS users as well as desktop users. The service was developed back in 2013 by Telegram Messenger Inc. and Telegram FZ LLC. Just like other instant messaging apps available these days, with Telegram Messenger, you can make video calls, share files such as images and videos. You can also benefit from a great Secret Chat option that allows you to send end-to-end encrypted text messages and files.

When you get the Telegram app from the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on the device you use, you can enjoy communicating safely in group and one-on-one chats as every communication you have using the end is empowered with end-to-end encryption. Besides, Telegram Messenger lets you send animated stickers, share large files up to 2GB, as well as share music that you like, your contacts, and your location.

As estimated back in January of 2021, the service had over 500 million active users and at the time, it was the most downloaded app globally. To get started with Telegram Messenger, you need to get the app and the app is free no matter which device you use. Once done, you need to provide your phone number and you are all set. Some of the major benefits of using Telegram Messenger are:

  • Secret Chat options available
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • Supports large group chats up to 200,000 people
  • Large file transfers up to 2 GB

Signal and Its Features

Further in this Telegram vs Signal guide, we take a look at Signal and its main features in comparison to Telegram. Just like Telegram Messenger, Signal is an encrypted, cross-platform instant messaging service crafted by Signal Messenger LLC. The very first version of the app was launched in July of 2014. Just like its main competitors, Signal lets you communicate online in group and one-on-one chats. With Signal, you can also share smaller files, send voice messages, send videos, as well as make video and voice calls.

To get started using Signal, just like with Telegram Messenger, you need to provide your phone number and get the Signal app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Signal also works on Linux and Windows-powered desktop devices just like Telegram and this is a great advantage. Signal is empowered with end-to-end encryption and it offers some of the best privacy and security features when compared to its major competitors.

All conversations you have using the app are fully end-to-end encrypted whether you want it or not. The company responsible for the app cannot view your messages even if they try. When using Telegram, to send encrypted messages you need to enable a Secret Chat option while in Signal, end-to-end encryption is also protecting your private messages. With Signal, you can also send encrypted messages to group chats and this is not possible when using Telegram Messenger.

  • All messages end-to-end encrypted
  • Great privacy and security measures
  • Available for desktop devices
  • User-friendly on all devices

Telegram Vs Signal – Which One is Better?

It is obvious that both Telegram and Signal have their benefits. If you are looking for an instant messaging app with the best privacy and security measures, then Signal is the best option. At the same time, Telegram has some features that Signal does. For instance, with Telegram, you can communicate with large group chats of 200,000 users. When using Telegram, you can send large files up to 2GB while Signal only lets you send files up to 100 MB.

Telegram also supports synchronization between different devices that you use while when using Signal, your messages are stored on your device and not on Signal servers. The bottom line, Telegram wins when it comes to fancy features while Signal wins when it comes to data privacy and security. Depending on what you are looking for, both are great instant messaging options. 

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  1. Unless you are sending pictures of some sort, I would suggest that everyone use signal. In these times of government reading emails and eavesdropping on every other communications systems illegally and without the required due process or knowledge of those being spied upon, if for no other reason than to keep all of our civil liberties, our inalienable rights, endowed upon us by our creator and the primary doctrine that this great nation was founded upon, The Constitution of the United States of America protected and viable. Many have lost their very lives to protect those rights for us and their sacrifice should not be in vain but be protected and celebrated by those who have benefited from those who paid the ultimate price for us to be free from tierney and oppression under the guise of security while seeking to circumvent our most basic human rights and needs of privacy and finally I would like to remind everyone of a Benjamin Franklin quote that seems to be even more true now than In his own time “Anyone who would give liberty for security, deserves neither and will surely lose both”!

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