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With numerous free text messaging services available out there, sending messages online has become of the major communication channels today. As estimated in October of 2020, over 4,6 billion people were online using the internet which means almost sixty percent of the world’s population are internet users. Back in 2019, this number was around 4 billion people and around 3,7 billion people in the year before which means the number of active internet users has been increasing on a yearly basis.

Needless to say, the internet and everything that it offers is one of the fastest-changing and growing technologies. The history of the internet and its technologies such as sending messages online, online shopping, and others go back several decades now. For instance, the email technology we cannot imagine the internet without has been around since the 60s while file sharing has been introduced back in the 70s.

However, the internet revolution was primarily fueled by the introduction of the World Wide Web we commonly call the web. The World Wide Web was invented back in 1989 by Sir Timothy Berners-Lee. This information system holds numerous web resources and documents. These are always identified by URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that anyone in the world with internet connectivity can access. Long before sending messages online was possible, people used to communicate using different means. Some of these are smoke signals, carrier pigeons, telegrams, and more recently fax machines, pagers, and telephones.

The History of Sending Messages Online

One of the oldest communication options was using smoke signals. Smoke signals were primarily used in Ancient China for warning military members of possible enemy attacks. This form of communication was also used by Native Americans. Then, there were used carrier pigeons that carried messages to different locations before returning to their homes. Back in the sixteenth century, people used to communicate by sending messages in a bottle before telegrams were introduced back in 1873.

The very first electrical telegram was crafted by Samuel Morse from the United States and Cooke and Wheatstone from England. It was not long before using telegrams become the standard for communication which has led to the introduction of Pony Express. Back in the 1860s, the Pony Express delivery service was thriving in the United States. Other popular forms of communication before sending messages online were balloon mails and telephones.

While the concept for the telephone has been introduced many decades before Alexander Graham Bell’s invention, his patent made history back in 1876. From Bell’s telephone, fax machines emerged on the scene and became the most widely used communication means back in the 1960s. The technology has come a long way from smoke signals to what we use today to communicate with each other, instant messaging.

When discussing the history of sending messages online, we have to mention the very first cellphone crafted by Motorola back in 1973. The technology has come a long way since the very first chunky Motorola cell phone. This leads us to the very first service for sending messages online. The very first service of this kind was ICQ which alongside AOL has paved the way for modern instant messaging services that we use today daily. 

Stay Safe When Sending Messages Online

For the past ten years, we have been using our cell phones for much more than communicating. We have been using and we still use cell phones for taking pictures, storing private notes, playing games, and much more. It is estimated that an average person spends around six minutes daily talking on the cell phone and more than twenty-six minutes on texting.

Today, we have so many different instant messaging services at our disposal. Some of these let you send messages online in the safest, encrypted way, while others do not provide this level of protection. When you need to share come something important, confidential, the best option for sending messages online is turning to services that employ end-to-end encryption such as Ramnia.

With Ramnia, everything that you share including text messages and files travels to the intended recipient safely. Since the best encryption technology is employed, with Ramnia everything sensitive and confidential remains safe away from prying eyes, cybercriminals, online businesses, and other internet users. While standard instant messaging services are a great way to connect with others online, many of them fail to protect your personal messages the way you want them to be protected.

If you are looking for the best-encrypted messages services and tools out there, make sure you check Ramnia. To service can be used on portable devices powered by iOS and Android as well as on desktop devices. In addition to turning to Ramnia and similar services that with great sending messages online tools that employ the best end-to-end encryption, there are several other valuable tips for staying safe when sending messages online.

Internet Safety Rules

One of the best ways to increase your internet privacy as well as protect your personal information while communicating online is to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that masks your IP address and makes it virtually impossible for cybercriminals to find your location. In addition to using a VPN, also make sure you use reliable firewalls and of course, a great antivirus program. With so many different dangers lurking in the digital world, you also want to protect your smartphone the same way you protect your desktop device.

In addition to boosting your internet safety with a VPN and an antivirus program, make sure you keep all software installed on your devices you use for sending messages online up to date. If you are active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, make sure you never share too much about yourself and never share sensitive information such as your bank account info, your social security number, and of course your address. Once you implement these rules into your daily digital life, you can rest assured that no one except the people you communicate with can access your private messages sent online and other personal information.

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