This Message Will Self Destruct

When you have a note saying “This Message Will Self Destruct”, you are not in some kind of spy movie but the sender has chosen to send you a private message in a well-protected, encrypted manner. Even though this sounds like something from a movie, self destructing technologies including those that text messaging services and tools use such as Ramnia are the future of online communication.

Popular detective and spy movies and television shows such as Mission: Impossible and others have introduced us to the self destructing technologies even before this was a thing. If you have watched the iconic Mission: Impossible television series with Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Steven Hill, and Barbara Bain, then you remember that almost every episode started with the main character played by Peter Graves receiving a self destructing message on an old tape recorder.

When you get a note saying “This Message Will Self Destruct”, you are using your portable device or desktop device unlike James Phelps in the television series. Just like in the series, self destructing technologies that we have at our disposal today promote greater data and device security. Even though we are not spies and secret agents dealing with highly confidential data, we still need to protect our personal information and there is no better way of doing so than turning to self destruct messaging services and tools.

What Means “This Message Will Self Destruct”?

As mentioned in the previous section, the phrase “This Message Will Self Destruct” is not something new or unheard of as fans of the Mission: Impossible television show that started in 1966 will remember Peter Graves receiving such notes. In the series, such notes delivered highly confidential information about the latest mission and in real life, encrypted, private notes you share online can contain text messages, images, and files you want to protect.

At the time when the iconic television show was on the air, self destructing technologies were not a thing especially self destructing technologies that power today’s instant messaging services, social media platforms, and other apps and tools that are commonly used for online communication. While self destructing messages and tools we use today are not as glamourous as those used in the television series, they do their main job, they protect your private data on a daily basis.

Notes saying “This Message Will Destruct” are powered by the best, most protective end-to-end encryption technology and this is not something associated only with instant messaging or text messaging apps. In the past and today, both big and small online businesses and companies use private, self destructing notes and other self destructing technologies to keep their corporate information private, safe, and secure from their competitors.

When you get a note saying “This Message Will Self Destruct”, it means the sender has sent you the message powered by the end-to-end encryption. In other words, this is an encrypted note or a secret note that travels safely from the sender’s device to your device. Upon getting a note “This Message Will Self Destruct”, you access the text message or file and you go through its content.

Modern self destructing messaging services such as Ramnia allow intended recipients to access such messages only once before they self destruct and cannot be accessed again. In some other cases, you can access self destructing messages many times until their content is deleted either automatically or by the sender. In these cases, the sender sets a time on private notes of this kind and the messages self destruct once the set time comes.

In addition to Ramnia that allows you to send private, encrypted messages to anyone with internet connectivity, many popular instant messaging services have great self destructing messages tools such as WhatsApp, Telegram,  and Facebook. So, the next time you need to share something personal, private online, make sure you do it the right way. This leads us to the future of online communication which will most certainly be influenced by end-to-end encryption technologies, encrypted messages, and secret chats.

The Future of Online Communication

With new technologies emerging on the scene, social media platforms and other communication means are changing and will doubtlessly change in the future. Considering that social media platforms and instant messaging services are huge parts of our daily routine, it is safe to say that digital media is the future of not only communication but also marketing, advertising, and even education.

In fact, digital marketing is the most integral part of every company’s business strategy and this will not change in the future. Digital content alongside social media is what drives successful business stories using encrypted text messaging service is what drives online communication. With millions of us using social media platforms, we live in the era of sharing and capturing meaningful and not so meaningful moments.

Technology has come a long way from those old communication channels to instant messaging any time and any place. While the technology is rapidly evolving before our eyes, online communication channels are also evolving to boost data and internet safety. As the entire ecosystem is changing, the way we communicate online will change as well. It is safe to say that the standard communication channels we use today will be powered by more advanced technologies.

It is also safe to presume that everyone will embrace the power of self destructing messages when communicating online. Whenever you are using your mobile or desktop device with internet connectivity, you are leaving a digital trail including some of your personal information, and much more if you do not know how to protect yourself online.

As technologies evolve, cybercriminals work on new tactics for stealing your personal information. In the future, we will probably get “This Message Will Destruct” notes very commonly as more and more people start to realize the dangers lurking in the digital world. While a simple “This Message Will Destruct” note may sound like something from a movie, in real life this is what you should turn to in order to protect what is meant to be protected and safe.

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