Secure Note

The most secure way to communicate with friends, family, work colleagues, and anyone other online is to send a secure note. In its essence, a secure note is a message that self-destructs after the intended recipient gets it. The intended recipient of your secure note can only open and read it once before it is destroyed and cannot be retrieved in any way. A secure note that you send using Ramnia is always encrypted so nobody except the intended recipient can access its content or make changes.

To send a secure note with Ramnia, you can get the app that works on all modern Android and iOS-powered devices or you can use the web-service that works on all desktop devices. Instead of you manually encrypting your notes, Ramnia creates a secure note for you that you share with a Secret Link with the intended recipient. Ramnia is a free to use self destructing message service with a bunch of handy features for creating secure notes whenever you want to make sure your messages leave no trace in the digital world.

Ramnia also makes sure that every secure note you create using its self destruct message service reaches your recipient in no time. The service is not only free and very easy to use but also lets you share much more than text messages. More specifically, with Ramnia, your secure note can include files such as pictures, videos, and voice messages. Thanks to using the most advanced end-to-end AES-256 + SSL encryption technology, every secure note you send with Ramnia stays safe and well-protected even after the recipient opened it.

Why You Should Use Secure Notes?

Nowadays, there are many online tools, apps, and services that let you send encrypted secure notes to anyone who has access to the internet. While these use similar software, not all of them are created equally. In other words, it makes sense to explore different self destructing message services and tools out there to see what works the best for you. While these services are very similar, they are powered by different encryption technologies that naturally provide a different level of protection.

When it comes to Ramnia and its encryption technology, it employs the best, military-grade AES-256 + SSL technology that all major companies, online businesses, and even government and military use. Now you may wonder why more and more self destruct message services emerge on the scene on a regular basis. Considering major dangers lurking in the global digital world, there is no wonder why we have many services of this kind at our disposal that want us to help with keeping everything private and sensitive safe.

Whenever you want to share something personal, sending an encrypted note is the best way to do so. In addition to keeping your online communication private at all times, you can use a well-encrypted, secure note for storing important information like your security codes, PINs for your credit or debit cards, and everything else that should stay private and safe. In other words, an encrypted note can be your special, one hundred percent safe place for storing all important information you and nobody else has access to.

Your paper notes can easily get lost or damaged while a digital note will always be there. With a digital secure note, you can rest assured that your private, sensitive information is easily accessible and synced with all of your devices. Even though regular notes have worked just fine for years, a secure note is what you need to stop worrying about prying eyes.

Standard Note Vs Secure Note

When you share some personal, sensitive info in a standard note, it can be easily accessed by anyone who knows how to do so. Needless to say, standard notes do not provide the same protection as fully, military-grade encrypted secure notes. You may think that your notes app installed on your mobile device is just fine for keeping important information in one place but have you ever wondered what will happen if your device gets stolen.

Today with so many different safer options out there, it really does not make any sense to use standard notes for keeping important information. It also does not many any sense to keep important information on paper notes that can easily get lost and damaged. What makes sense is to use a secure note that is one hundred percent safe and protected at all times.

Today, secure note features offered by many different brands allow you to use recovery codes that come super hands when you cannot remember a password to your secure note and other options do not work. If you will be using recovery codes, make sure you store them somewhere safe as using one could be your last chance at accessing your secure note.

Always store financial data such as your credit card information, your bank account information, loan details, and everything else highly sensitive in a secure note. It is also a good idea to use secure notes for storing your router login information, Wi-Fi passwords, your house alarm code, and other similar information that you do not need frequently but should be kept safe.

The best thing about using secure notes is that you can easily access them any time you need them. When using top-rated services that offer secure note features, you access your secure notes on your desktop computer, your laptop, your tablet, smartphone, or any other device. With a single service that offers secure note features, you have all of your sensitive personal information stored safely in one place.

To share a secure note, you just press a button and it travels safely to your intended recipient. Thanks to using the best, cutting-edge technology that encrypts all data you share including your secure notes, everything you share using Ramnia is uncrackable. In other words, with Ramnia your private data is always safely stored and locked away from the rest of the digital world, from anyone who is not you.

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