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Self-destructing messaging tools and apps such as Ramnia with the most powerful encryption technology are taking the world by storm simply because users value their privacy more. Digital privacy or online privacy refers to the level of protection individuals have while sharing files, pictures, or their personal data while being connected to the internet. Today, it is quite clear that your messages sent to your friends, family members, or anyone else are far away from being safe and protected from intruders who like snooping.

With this in mind, many people who truly value their privacy are looking for ways to protect their private messages, files, pictures, and every other communication they have on the internet from snoopers and prying eyes. This is where the Ramnia app comes into the game with all the right, necessary tools and the most technologically advanced encryption system to protect your privacy so that you can communicate with others without worrying about your messages being compromised in any way.

What is Ramnia?

Ramnia is a powerful tool for staying protected at all times while enjoying seamless communication with friends, family members, and others. Ramnia crafted by Rodomnia GmbHis a message and file upload service that can be used by all devices including your desktop computer, laptop, and of course, iOS and Android-powered portable devices including smartphones and tablets. With the app, you can easily send text and voice messages as well as files by creating a special link.

Once you have created this special link, you send it to the recipient who can only open it once before the message destroys itself and cannot be retrieved by any means. As previously mentioned, the app is available to all Android and iOS users. In other words, you can install the app to your iPod, iPad, and of course, your iPhone powered by iOS 11.0 or later.

The Ramnia app also works smoothly across Android-powered tablets and smartphones powered with 5.0 and later Android versions. To get the app for your iOS device, head to the App Store using your portable device, type in the search box Ramnia, and get the app. If you use an Android-powered device, get the app from Google Play. You can also get the Ramnia app for your portable device here from the website.

Benefits of Using This Service

As suggested, the biggest benefit of using the Ramnia app is being able to communicate with friends, family members, and anyone else without worrying about your messages being accessed by third parties. All texts and files that you send using can only be seen once and they self-destruct after a predetermined period. The recipient of your messages does not have to use the app to access your message as everything goes through a Secret Link you create.

The files you send using the service are always stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory) of our well-protected servers and are removed automatically after seven days. Once your message has been sent using the app, the recipient gets a notification and you also get notified when the recipient opens your message.

In its essence, the Ramnia app gives you full control over your personal information which is extremely important in these crazy times when you can easily fall prey to hackers if you are not careful enough. The ability to send secret, self-destructing messages has many other perks for all everyday users of the internet including having better control of your private files and basically everything else that you share with others on the internet. The bottom line, with the Ramnia app you:

  • Increase your data privacy
  • Keep your personal data protected
  • Enjoy risk-free internet communication
  • Send encrypted, secret self-destructing messages
  • Send encrypted files such as images
  • Encrypt all of your online communication
  • Get notified when a recipient gets your Secret Link
  • Stop worrying about your online privacy

Ramnia App Uses the Strongest AES Encryption

Both the app and the web-based Ramnia service use the most technologically-advanced clientside encryption AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) where the encrypted data gets supplementary transferred via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. In its essence, the AES-256 + SSL is a powerful, encryption-based security protocol with the main purpose to ensure complete internet privacy and data integrity. This encryption technology for internet privacy was introduced back in 1995 and since these times, it has been enhanced to provide the highest privacy degree.

Every message you send using the Ramnia app is fully encrypted with an individual key within the app which is then transferred by SSL. This technology encrypts data or messages that you send online so anyone who tries to access this data will see nothing more than a bunch of meaningless characters that cannot be encrypted by any means. The encryption technology that powers the Ramnia app also provides complete data integrity and makes sure the data you sent is not tampered with in any way as it reaches your recipient.

Over the years, there have been several different SSL iterations and one of the strongest is AES with a key length of 256 bits that the Ramnia app employs. This encryption technology supported is practically unbreakable so it is used worldwide by the military as well as the government to protect all classified information and sensitive data.

Today, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a must-have when it comes to electronic data protection and cybersecurity. Immune to all sorts of cyber-attacks, the Ramnia app with its military-grade encryption technology lets you communicate with others risk-free at all times.

Get the Ramnia App Today

Now that you know how the Ramnia app works and what it offers, enjoy risk-free internet communication any time and any place as soon as you install the app on your iOS or Android device. self-destructing messages are the future of internet communication and the Ramnia app follows the latest trends when it comes to internet safety, encryption technology used, data privacy, and data integrity.

To learn more about Ramnia, self-destructing messages, secure notes, encrypted notes, and much more, check other articles on the website. To get started, head to the Google Play or App Store, download and install the Ramnia app, and never again worry about your internet communication.

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