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Some images, files, and text messages are meant to send as a private note. Some messages should not leave a trace and this is where self-destructing messaging services such as the Ramnia app come into the game. The Ramnia App provides the best way possible to send any kind of private note to your friends, family members, work colleagues, or any other person. Thanks to the Ramnia service, you can send private notes, highly confidential messages via Secret Links that self-destruct once they have been opened by the recipient.

In its essence, Ramnia is an excellent, very easy to use web-based self-destructing messaging service which allows you to share a private note, a secret message, a file, or a picture with anyone you want over the internet. All messages that you send using the service are private notes, encrypted using the best encryption technology available today that even the government and military use.

To get started, you get the Ramnia app or access the web-based service, write your private note with or without additional files, and Ramnia encrypts the note for you. Both the app and the web-based Ramnia service use the most technologically-advanced clientside encryption AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) where the encrypted data gets supplementary transferred via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. More specifically, every private note you send is protected with the most protective AES 256-bit encryption technology.

What is a Private Note?

Nowadays when we spend hours communicating with others online through social media and messaging apps, you expose your sensitive data at all times unless you take certain measures. This is exactly what companies, online businesses, and other ventures do to make sure nobody can access their confidential data shared on the web. The technology behind AES-256 + SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that powers Ramnia is essential to ensure internet safety and the safety of your private notes.

In this sense, a private note is a note that is encrypted with some kind of SSL technology. Today, this is the golden standard for keeping your private notes away from snoopers and prying eyes. This is also the golden standard when it comes to keeping internet safety at the highest. The technology that powers Ramnia to encrypt your private notes also prevents hackers or cybercriminals from getting access to those messages you do not want to be exposed in any way.

You can think of a private note as a well-encrypted message that is fully guarded by the powerful SSL technology. In other words, the AES-256 + SSL technology safeguards any confidential data that travels online between you and the recipient. The technology works seamlessly across all different online environments. It safeguards servers as well as clients, apps, and browsers.

A private note that is encrypted with this military-grade technology also makes it impossible for intruders or cybercriminals to modify the data you send so it always reaches the recipient in its original, non-compromised form as you send it. With this in mind, sending a private note instead of a standard note is the best route to take when you want to send your financial data, your bank account info, or any other kind of sensitive data you need to stay private.

Why Turn to Private Notes

The biggest advantage of using the Ramnia self-destructing messaging service is being able to send encrypted, private notes to anyone you want at any time and any place with any device you prefer using. This why sensitive data you want to keep safe and well protected cannot be accessed by anyone except the intended recipient. When using common messaging apps as well as social media and such, everyone that you share online is not secure in a way as a private note is.

If you want to stay protected this way, you need to look for alternatives such as Ramnia that does all the work for you including encrypting your private notes, images, and other files. In this sense, whenever you are concerned about your internet safety and the safety of files and data that you share online, turning to private notes is the route to take. 

Thanks to the most technologically-advanced end-to-end encryption system used, Ramnia takes care of your private notes and everything else you want to send without leaving a trace with the greatest respect. At Ramnia, it is of paramount importance to protect everything you share online that you want to stay away from sometimes dangerous prying eyes. If you value your internet privacy and you should, Ramnia doubtlessly has your back.

Send Private Notes Any Time

As mentioned in the previous sections, Ramnia uses the best, the most technologically-advanced AES-256 + SSL encryption technology. When you send encrypted, private notes using the service, you prevent anyone who is not the intended recipient from accessing and modifying your message, looking into your online messages, your images, and sensitive files.

When you use standard messaging apps or services that are unencrypted, you are exposing yourself and your sensitive data in a way it can be monitored by others who know how to access such information. When you use standard messaging apps and services, you are not sending encrypted, private notes and files so they can be monitored by your wireless carrier, cybercriminals, and hackers.

There is a reason why encrypted messaging is also called secure messaging. To be safe while texting online, the best option is to turn to encrypted messaging especially when you discuss some sensitive information online. While there are many self-destructing, encrypted messaging tools and apps out there, they are not created equal.

In other words, not all of them provide the same level of data integrity and internet safety. For this reason, make sure you do your homework and research on your own. Nowadays when we spend hours online communicating with others, making sure that your personal data is safe has never been so important as cybercriminals work tirelessly to find new victims online. If you are not using an app that allows you to send encrypted, private notes on your desktop or portable device, make sure you check what Ramnia offers.

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