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Do you want to protect the information you share with your Facebook friends? If so, make sure you send a private message on Facebook as some things shared online are meant to stay safe. If you are wondering how to send a private message on Facebook and why this option matters, keeping reading. As listed on the official Facebook website, the service lets you and millions of other users out there to easily connect with family members and friends, grow their online businesses, and find their place within different communities.

Facebook was launched back on the 4th of February in 2004. Today, this is one of the major social networking services with over two billion active users on a monthly basis. Besides many valuable features and tools, with Facebook, you get to communicate with anyone you want privately and safely if you use the service’s private messages feature. Further in this article, find out how to send a private message on Facebook and explore some other Facebook features and options that boost your online safety when using this social media platform.

Facebook Explained

Before we discuss the main topic here which related to the send a private message on Facebook feature, let’s examine when Facebook was launched, what it does, and how it leads the social media networking industry alongside Twitter and similar brands. As mentioned in the previous section, the company working out of its California-based office was launched in 2004.

At the time of its inception, Facebook was only accessible to Harvard students. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Andrew McCollum, the Facebook membership was first expanded to several Boston-based Ivy League universities before being it became available to anyone with access to the Internet who is at least thirteen years old.

To be more precise, Facebook was made worldwide available two years after being launched. The service is available globally but several countries have limited access and banned access to Facebook over the years including Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Mainland China. The rest of the population can use Facebook with some or no restrictions.

Just like other popular, widely used social media networking services, Facebook supports a wide range of devices including tablets, desktop computers, tablets, and of course smartphones. In fact, you can access Facebook with any modern device that has internet connectivity. To register, you need to create your Facebook account by providing personal information about yourself including your name and surname, your date of birth, and such.

Once you have registered, you can connect with friends, family members, and anyone else who has a Facebook account. You can also send photos, text messages, and other multimedia to your Facebook friends. You can also post images and multimedia on your Facebook “wall” or your personal Facebook page. Facebook also allows you to explore different virtual communities, different brands, and companies that use their Facebook Pages for marketing purposes.

Even though you need to provide some personal information to register, you can also send a private message on Facebook any time you want to keep your confidential, sensitive information away from prying eyes. In addition to being able to modify your account’s privacy settings, the option to send a private message on Facebook is a rather valuable tool for making sure text messages, photos, and everything else your share with your Facebook friends remain safe.

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook?

As previously mentioned, Facebook is primarily used to communicate with others via text messages. When using Facebook, you can send a private message to any one of your Facebook friends as well as to other Facebook users who are not on your Facebook friends list. When using email services such as Outlook and Gmail, your email is revealed when communicating with others while this service only reveals your Facebook name.

To use the service, download the Facebook app to your tablet or smartphone or head to the Facebook website on your desktop computer. To send a private message on Facebook:

  • Go to your Facebook homepage
  • Press the Messages button located on the left side
  • Select the New Message button located on the top right side
  • Type the recipient’s name in the designated space
  • Compose your message and press Enter

You can also send a private message on Facebook by visiting the intended recipient’s Facebook page. Once here, click on the send a private message button, and once you have composed your message, press Enter. To send a private message on Facebook using your Android or iOS-device, you need to download and install the Facebook Messenger that is available at the App Store and Google Play. The remaining steps are the same as described above.

Use Facebook Secret Messages Feature for Greater Internet Privacy

If you value your online privacy and you should considering all sorts of dangers out there in the digital world, consider using Facebook’s Secret Messages feature. Like other similar services including the one that Ramnia offers, the Secret Messages tool introduced by Facebook employs end-to-end encryption thanks to which your private messages are encrypted in a way that nobody except you and the intended recipient can access its content.

To send a private message on Facebook and make sure its content cannot be accessed by any outsider, head to your Facebook Messenger app and from the Chats button, click on the blue pen icon located in the top right. Once you have turned on the Secret Messages option, type the name of the recipient in the designated area, compose your encrypted message, and press Enter. You can also set a timer to make your private messages self destruct within a day or so.

It should be noted that this Facebook Secret Messages feature is only available when using the Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS users. In other words, your secret Facebook messages will not appear when using your desktop device but only when using the Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iOS device.

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