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You are looking for the best secret app for texting that works on Android and iOS devices? If so, look no further as further we explore what a good, reliable, and safe secret app for texting always features. We examine a couple of different instant messaging apps with secret chat and disappearing text message options, so by the end of this article you can finally get yourself a great secret app for texting that truly values your internet and data privacy.

When you get a great secret app for texting, you protect your chats or online conversations from everyone out there in the digital world. Every great secret app for texting is one hundred percent encrypted which means all of your private text messages, images, and files you share are secure from the prying eyes of third-parties, companies, and online businesses that form their marketing strategies based on your personal data.

A great secret app for texting always uses the best encryption technology and it always works on a variety of devices including iOS and Android-powered portable devices. While there are many encrypted messaging apps out there, not all of them work the same, and not all of them are crafted the same way. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of several great secret apps for texting that not only protect your personal data with the best military-grade encryption but also offer a bunch of handy features.

What Every Great Secret App for Texting Offers?

Nowadays with great dangers lurking in the digital world, secret apps for texting and secret messaging have become the most popular online form of communication. A lot has changed in the industry since Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other instant messaging services out there have been launched. Today, data shared online is one of the most important assets to online companies, businesses, third-parties, and governments.

Internet and data surveillance and monitoring have never been so prominent as today with everyone out there in the digital world working in different industries doing their best to collect personal data you and everybody else browsing the internet leaves. Even though your personal data is meant to be private, secure, and safe at all times, there are and will be people, businesses, and companies that are on a hunt.

According to some of the latest studies, a hacker attack occurs every thirty-nine seconds and one of these attacks may target you and your data you leave out there exposed unintentionally. Whenever you communicate online, you are a potential target for hackers unless you take the right measures and protect what is meant to be protected. One way of doing so is to turn to a secret app for texting and these kinds of apps have been on the rise for quite some time.

So, what every great secret app for texting has? First of all, every great secret app for texting out there employs some kind of end-to-end encryption which is the best technology of this kind we have today. When an app is protected this way, you can rest assured that the private data you share is truly private. Top secret apps for texting always allow you to send self destruct or disappearing text messages which once again are protected with the best encryption technology.

Lastly, every great secret app for texting lets you send text messages as well as files, images, and videos and it always works across different devices including Android and iOS-powered portable devices and of course, desktop devices. So, what are the best secret apps for texting you have at your disposal? Further, we explore what two great apps of this kind offer including Silence and Mattermost.


When discussing the best secret app for texting, we have to mention Silence which is a fully encrypted instant messaging app you can use for sending voice notes, text messages, videos, photos, and files without spending a dime. With Silence, you can also encrypt your MMS and SMS message. Even though Silence focuses on MMS and SMS messaging, you can send encrypted files, images, and videos just like when using some other great secret app for texting.

As mentioned on the official website of Silence, this app is a full replacement for those default apps for text messaging. In addition to employing the best end-to-end encryption, Silence is very easy to use as it works like any other SMS text messaging app. It is open-source and free, and it does not require an internet connection. So, getting this secret app for texting is the best option if you send SMS and MMS frequently.

  • All Silence messages are encrypted
  • Uses end-to-end encryption technology
  • No internet connection required
  • No sign-up required to get started


Just like Silence, Mattermost is another fully encrypted secret app for texting that truly takes care of your online and data privacy. Mattermost is a self-hostable, open-source, instant messaging service that lets you share files. The service was crafted by the Mattermost Inc. company and it was launched in October of 2015. It is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Even though Mattermost is mainly used by companies, businesses, and enterprises, you can get it for personal use and enjoy its great secure messaging options whenever you communicate with friends online. As listed on the official website, Mattermost employs the best enterprise-grade security measures and protocols as well as ensures privacy to every single user for the complete control of data.

When it comes to its security measures, Mattermost employs encryption in transit and at rest technologies alongside security and network hardening tools, system monitoring tools, and an automated source code reviews. If you are looking for a great secret app for texting with a bunch of innovative features and the best security measures, turning to Mattermost is a great idea.

  • Offers encrypted file sharing options
  • One-on-one and group chats
  • Great encryption technologies employed
  • Great for personal use as well as businesses and enterprises

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