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Here, we explore some of the best disappearing text messages Android apps that you can download to your smartphone or Android-powered tablet right away. The eliminate the great risk of your personal, sensitive, confidential data being accessed, viewed, and potentially stored by third-parties, hackers, or anyone else who is not the intended recipient, you turn to encrypted, disappearing text messages Android apps, and fortunately, all of the major instant messaging services offer their customers this great option.

One of the major features of every good encrypted instant messaging service is their disappearing messages feature that both Android and iOS users can benefit from. However, here we focus on those apps that work for Android users so there will be no mention of iMessage that works only on iOS-powered devices. In other words, if you use an Android-powered smartphone or tablet, this is the article for you.

All of the best, more reliable disappearing text messages Android apps out there let you send encrypted, private text messages, voice or video files, as well as images that are scrambled in a way nobody except the person with the required encryption key can access and view them. When using such services, you can also rest assured that no metadata is viewed and stored by these service providers which is yet another great benefit.

The Best Disappearing Text Messages Android Apps

You are interested in learning more about the very best disappearing text messages Android apps that use the best encryption technology to make sure your confidential data stays private and secured? If so, keep reading this guide is what you are looking for to boost your internet safety when communicating online.

Even though you may think that all of the sensitive data you share with friends and family members using Snapchat, Skype, and other popular instant messaging options is safe, this is not always the case. For this reason, the best route to take is to turn to several other reliable encrypted messaging services out there to keep your confidential data as secure as possible and if you are using an Android device, you have plenty of great options to choose from, so let’s get started.

WhatsApp Disappearing Text Messages Android App

One of the best disappearing text messages Android apps is definitely WhatsApp. WhatsApp was released back in February of 2009 by WhatsApp Inc. However, the application was acquired by Facebook Inc. back in 2014. Just like similar instant messaging services out there, WhatsApps allows customers to share voice messages, as well as instant text messages, photos, send files and make both video and voice calls.

WhatsApp can be downloaded to Android devices from the Google Play Store while it also supports iOS devices. There is also the WhatsApp web-based service that works great across Windows-powered laptops and desktop computers. To use its disappearing text messages Android app, users need to provide their active telephone number and this is also the case with the vast majority of other services of this kind.

As one of the most used, most popular instant messaging services out there, WhatsApp has a massive loyal base with over two billion users as estimated in 2015. This number is bigger today. To get started with WhatsApp, download the app from the Google Play Store for free and make free calls, send disappearing text messages, send photos and videos, and make video calls without any cost. To turn on WhatsApp disappearing text messages Android:

  • Download WhatsApp to your Android device
  • Open your WhatsApp chat and select one of your contacts
  • Select the Disappearing Messages option
  • Click on the Continue button and choose On


When discussing the very best disappearing text messages Android apps, we have to mention Viber that alongside WhatsApp is the most used service of this kind. Viber was launched back in 2010 by Rakuten Viber that operates as a part of the Rakuten Inc. company based in Setagaya, Japan. Viber is also available for Android and iOS-powered devices as well as for Windows-powered desktop computers.

Just like WhatsApp, Viber runs on a freemium model which means you can get its instant messaging app for free from the Google Play Store if you use an Android-powered device. To use the service, you need to provide your telephone number. Viber allows you to exchange photos, videos, files, as well as make video calls. As estimated back in 2018, the service had over one billion active users scattered all over the globe. Since the service employs the very best end-to-end encryption, we have to include it here in our disappearing text messages Android guide. Lastly, to turn disappearing messages on Viber:

  • Download the Viber app on your Android device
  • Open the app, open your Viber chat
  • Select the clock icon located at the bottom
  • Choose the disappearance period
  • Compose your message and press Send


Very similar to WhatsApp and Viber, LINE also deserves its spot here in our disappearing text messages Android guide. Available for free, LINE was released back in 2011 by LINE Corporation. Just like the two previously mentioned instant messaging services, LINE can be downloaded to Android, iOS, and Windows-powered desktop devices. In addition to its reliable instant messaging services, LINE is known for its LINE Pay digital wallet, LINE Today news stream, and LINE Webtoon and LINE Manga comics distribution.

LINE is one of the most popular instant messaging services in South Korea. Back in 2011 when the service was launched, it had over 100 million active users. This number has grown massively in three years of its existence to reach over 560 million users. As estimated in February of 2015, LINE had 700 million users. To send encrypted, self destructing, or disappearing messages using LINE:

  • Download the LINE app to your Android device
  • Open your LINE chat
  • Select the Hidden Chat option from the main menu
  • Compose your message as usual
  • Click on The Timer button
  • Set The Timer to two, five, ten seconds, one minute, one hour, one day, or one week
  • You can include contact info, location info, and images
  • Press the Send button
  • Once the recipient has viewed your message, it is removed

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