How to encrypt your Facebook Messages?

You are wondering how to encrypt your Facebook messages so that they travel safely from you to the intended recipient? If you, you are in the right place as further we explore several awesome new Facebook features thanks to which you get to send a private note, self destructing message, and even a self destruct video to anyone on your Facebook friends list.

So, how to encrypt your Facebook messages? To get there, you need to follow several simple, basic steps, and this way you get to communicate with anyone online who has a Facebook account. However, not every message you send using Facebook or similar instant messaging, social media platforms travel safely as you would prefer. This leads us to the technologically-advanced encryption that many instant messaging services and apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, and similar use today.

If you wonder how to encrypt your Facebook messages any time using the web-based service or your Facebook Messenger app, we always recommend you turn to the self destruct message feature that Facebook has. The main purpose of this feature is to protect your private messages in a way that nobody lurking in the digital world can access the content of your messages. This leads us to the most secure, encrypted instant messaging services and apps out there we highly recommend you use.

What is Secure Instant Messaging?

Before you log into your account and learn how to encrypt your Facebook messages, think about all the dangers out there lurking in the digital world. Cybercriminals are working tirelessly on crafting new hacking technologies to get access to the confidential data you share online. There are millions of online businesses and companies collecting information about you for their marketing purposes.

Everything that you share online using standard communication channels can be accessed by those who work in the industry and those who have the means and knowledge to do so. With millions of internet users being active on social media including Facebook, cybercriminals have limitless opportunities to steal their private information.

While we cannot say “no” to sending private messages online as this is not realistic nor logical, we can say “no” to cybercriminals, online businesses, and other third-parties that want to steal our personal information. We do so by exploring awesome, safe, reliable, and easy to use encrypted instant messaging apps and self destructing messaging features offered by Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many other big brands.

So, what are these encrypted instant messaging services and features that boost your internet and data safety? Secure instant messaging services allow you to communicate with friends, family members, or anyone else with internet connectivity. When you send a private message on Facebook, this is usually an informal form of communication similar to sending an email.

However, when you send an email, your email address is visible to the recipient while when you send a private message on Facebook, only your account’s name is visible. In its essence, secure instant messaging that billions use today is a form of online communication that may or may not be encrypted. For the safest online communication, we always recommend that you use encrypted instant messaging apps or tools and there are many services of this kind that are powered by end-to-end encryption technologies.

How to encrypt your Facebook Messages?

Nowadays, big brands including instant messaging services including Facebook tirelessly work on crafting new internet privacy and safety technologies. Today, you have many different encrypted, safe, reliable, and very easy to use instant messaging apps. These ensure data security and privacy as they always make sure that only the intended recipient of your private or encrypted messages can actually access and read your message.

All of the best encrypted instant messaging apps and services have built-in, very powerful encryption technology and software which make it impossible for third-party sites to intercept in any way your encrypted messages. In other words, these encrypted instant messaging services that employ this technology make sure that every message you send travels safely from you to the recipient.

With more and more internet users turning to instant messaging services and social media, big brands including Facebook have crafted their self destructing message tools or encrypted message tools that work on Android and iOS-powered mobile devices as well as desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. So, the next time you want to send a private message on Facebook, consider using its Secret Messages option.

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook That Self Destructs?

In its essence, Facebook’s Secret Messages feature is a powerful self destructing messages feature that works just like Ramnia and similar services of this kind. To stop worrying about your personal, confidential data, your personal images, and videos being stolen in any shape or form, turn on the Secret Messages option when you want to send a private message on Facebook. To do so:

  • Create a Facebook account or log into your already existing account
  • Make sure you use the Facebook Messenger
  • The Facebook Secret Messages feature does not work when using the web-service
  • Make sure that your Facebook Messenger app is up-to-date
  • Open your Messages and press the Chats button
  • Press the Pencil Icon and turn on the Secret Messages option
  • Choose the person you want to send a self destructing message
  • Set an expiration time using the timer option and press send

No matter which portable device you use, to send a private message on Facebook this way, the process remains the same. Once you have sent your self destructing message on Facebook, that message is blurred from the rest and it shows the timer ticking. Once the expiration date comes, your private message cannot be accessed again.

When using the Secret Messages option on Facebook, you can also verify your encrypted chats by comparing your and the recipient’s device keys for greater privacy. Lastly, to delete your Secret Messages, take the usual route. Open your Messenger App, press on the Secret Conversations tab, and select Delete All Secret Conversations.

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