How to Send a Text Message That Deletes Itself?

You are interested in learning how to send a text message that deletes itself? If so, look no further as here we explore some of the best encrypted instant messaging apps and services you can download and start using right away. Even though we rarely think about all the dangers out there lurking in the digital world, it is not a secret that everyone who is active online in any shape or form is exposed to these dangers.

Internet and computer surveillance is a real thing even though it may sound like something from an action, spy movie. Internet and computer surveillance related to the monitoring activities conducted by third parties, governments, online businesses, as well as companies for different purposes. Whenever you are out there browsing the internet or communicating online, you leave your personal, confidential information exposed unless you take the right measures to protect this private data that should be protected.

Everyone who wants to be safe while browsing the internet and while communicating online should look into different ways to communicate in a safe, private, and encrypted manner. With this in mind, there is no wonder why more and more people search how to send a text message that deletes itself alongside looking for other services, apps, and tools out there that boost their internet and data privacy. So, how to send a text message that deletes itself?

How to Send a Text Message That Deletes Itself and How This Works?

As previously mentioned, internet and computer surveillance are a real thing and companies, governments, and everyone else involved in these activities monitor your and others’ online activities as well data that travels from your device connected to the internet to other devices also connected to the internet. Since some of these activities are legal, there are numerous network and computer surveillance programs and tools out there that monitor almost everything that happens on the internet.

These programs have also great benefits as they can recognize and prevent criminal activities or any suspicious activity out there. However, there are also some concerns related to such programs. Many experts in the field have expressed their worries that some brands and companies out there limit our freedoms with their internet monitoring and surveillance efforts. Needless to say, there are cybercriminals and hackers who can access your private data and this is definitely something you do not want to happen to you.

To prevent these issues from happening to you and they do happen more commonly than you think, there has been a great increase in encrypted instant messaging apps. These great messaging apps that are available to anyone one hundred percent focus on keeping every single message you send safe and well-protected. This was made possible thanks to end-to-end encryption technologies. So when you look online how to send a text message that deletes itself, you are looking for an app or service that is powered with this technology.

The Most Secure, Encrypted Instant Messaging Apps

A text message or an instant message you send is one hundred percent protected when it is powered by the end-to-end encryption technology. When you use such services and there are many great services of this kind at our disposal, your private messages cannot be accessed, viewed, modified, and stored by the service provider.

When you send a text message that self destructs after a predetermined time period, it cannot be accessed or viewed by hackers, third-parties, or anyone else except the recipient of the message that has the key required to open such messages. So, how to send a text message that deletes itself? The very first step you need to take is to get an encrypted instant messaging app.

There are many great options for sending encrypted messages out there but here, we focus on Wickr and Confide. Other great encrypted instant messaging apps that also deserve your attention including Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, LINE, and Viber are explored in other articles, so check those as well.


How to send a text message that deletes itself with Wickr. The very first step is to get the Wickr Me Private Messenger from the Play Store or the App Store depending on your device. Wickr is a New York-based American company founded in 2012. The company is best known for its instant messaging apps including the Wickr Me app that allows you to send end-to-end, self destruct text messages on different devices including iOS and Android-powered smartphones as well as on Linux and Windows-powered desktop devices.

How to Send a Text Message That Deletes Itself with Wickr?

  • To send a text message that deletes itself using Wickr:
  • Get the Wickr Me app from the Play Store or App Store
  • Create a new Conversation
  • Choose an expiration time for your self destruct message
  • Set a Burn-On Read time
  • Send your text message that will delete itself


In addition to Wickr, Confide is yet another valuable tool when looking into how to send a text message that deletes itself. Confide is a screenshot-proof, encrypted, instant messaging service that allows you to communicate with anyone online with the highest level of security and privacy ensured at all times. Confide was launched back in 2013 by the Confide Inc. company. At the time, it was only available to iOS users, while today Android users can also use Confide to send disappearing text messages.

There are many great features the Confide app delivers and one of the best is its end-to-end encrypted self destructing messaging engine. In other words, when you send a private message using Confide, it self destructs or deletes itself instantly after reading.

How to Send a Text Message That Deletes Itself with Confide?

  • To send a text message that deletes itself with Confide:
  • Get the Confide app and install it on your Android or iOS device
  • If you are using an iOS device, get the app from iMessage
  • Click on the Apps icon and open the Confide app
  • Press on the Text button and compose your message
  • Click on the Send button
  • The process remains the same when using an Android device but the Confide app is not associated with the iMessage app

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