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Here, we explore several awesome services and apps out there that allow you to create and share a one time link password to add an extra layer of protection when you sharing private, sensitive information. As suggested, a one time link password is a passcode that is only legit and valid for one click or one session. A one time link password (OTP) is more secure than static, traditional password-based logins as they employ different security measures including two-factor authentication.

In other words, when you share a one time password with the intended recipient, only the person that you have shared the link with can access it. One time link password algorithms generally rely on randomness alongside powerful has functions. Cryptographic functions alongside, randomness, and two-factor authentication tools make it impossible for cybercriminals and anyone else who is not the intended recipient to access the personal data that was shared with your one time link password.

Further, we take a look at several greatly reliable, easy-to-use services and apps that let you create and share a one time link password when you want to share some sensitive data but you do not want to use standard online communication options such as email and instant messaging apps.

Create a One Time Link Password with is one of the most widely used, most popular services out there that lets you create a one time password to share credentials, login info, credit card info, or anything else sensitive and confidential. On the official website, it says Password-link lets you create client-side encrypted one time links and this is true since the service relies on technologically advanced AES encryption technologies to protect what is meant to be protected.

The company responsible for the service has been present on the scene since 2016 and it most certainly values your privacy. All encryption, as well as decryption, occurs in the browser and the encryption key is only stored in the link. Therefore, for someone to access and view your link shared with the service, he or she required the original link and the encryption key. As suggested, a one time link password you share using the service can only be opened once.

Once the intended recipient has opened your one time link password, your self destruct, encrypted message is deleted from the service’s database and it cannot be viewed again. does not store your private data other than what is necessary and this is the common practice among all reliable services of this kind. To create a one time link password with

  • Head to the official website
  • Head to the text box on the homepage
  • Type your secret, self destruct message
  • Click on the Encrypt and Create Link button
  • Share your one time link
  • To access other features, you need to register for an account
  • If you are a registered user, you can get notified when your secret messages have been accessed, you can set an expiration time, and even more – “One Time” and Its Features

Another great service for creating a one time link password to protect your private information is As revealed on the official website, the service for creating self destruct links was developed by the ApogeeInvent team to assist anyone who wants to protect what is meant to be protected. Sharing highly personal, sensitive information over email, instant messaging apps, and other online communication means is not as safe as you would think.

This is where the super easy to use service comes. Just like, the service lets you destroy secure, private notes after the intended recipient has viewed them. The service employs the best SSL encryption technologies. The service runs in HTTPS only which means personal data you share with a one time password is fully encrypted as it travels from the server to the intended recipient. All secure notes are also encrypted before they are stored on the server.

The URL of the encrypted notes is hashed so no URL is directly linked to a secure note. To add an extra security layer, the service only stored a portion of the encryption key in the URL while the URL is not stored on the server. Naturally, only the intended recipient with the required one time link password can decrypt such notes. As expected, the encrypted notes you share using the service are removed from the server once they are viewed by the intended recipient. To send a one time link password with

  • Head to the official website
  • Type your message in the text box
  • Click on the Generate Link button
  • Send the URL generated to your recipient
  • You can also get notified when your note is viewed

Turn to

To safely share passwords, credentials, and other sensitive data, you can also turn to This is another great, reliable, encrypted service for creating and sharing a one time password. The service was developed by Arno Hollosi. Just like those two previously mentioned services, truly values your privacy, so the service’s database only stored the ID of your secret messages. All messages stored in the database are fully encrypted by default.

Other information that is stored by the service’s web server includes your access and log entries. In other words, it stores the information on your IP address, time of access, HTTP status code, path of request, and responsive size, and error messages. Other information including your operating system, your web browser’s version, and name are no stored.

All error and access logs are deleted after thirty days. When it comes to its security measures, employs the best AES encryption technology so data is always encrypted as it leaves your device and reaches the server. In addition to AES, uses the Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library and randomly generated encryption keys so nobody except the intended recipient of your one time link password can access the content of your personal messages shared using the service.

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