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Whenever you want to share some private, confidential such as passwords, the best option is to create one time download link. Once you create one time download link, you share it with the intended recipient and he or she can get the link once. Once the link has been downloaded by the intended user, it cannot be downloaded again by anyone else. The vast majority of services out there that let you create one time download link also let you set expiration dates.

Once your one time download links expire, they cannot be accessed again. Essentially, one time download links are self-destruct links or self-destruct URLs that let you keep your sensitive, confidential data out of your email, or instant messaging chat logs. This way, everything you share with one time download links remains safe and secure from third parties and other prying eyes.

As previously mentioned, there are many different file sharing services, apps, and sites that let you create one time download link any time whenever you want to add an extra layer of protection to your personal information and further, we explore some of these including Firemail, Wikisend, and FireNurse.

Create One Time Download Link with Great File Sharing Services

There are many great file sharing and file hosting services out there that allow their users to create one time download link and share it with anyone without worrying about their private, confidential data being at any risk. One of these is Firemail. When compared to other similar services out there, Firemail is the most generous considering it allows you to send files up to 30 GB and this is for the service’s free version.

With Firemail, you can easily create one time download link and share it with email recipients. You can also create one time download link and share it any other way including via instant messaging apps. Firemail works with all major email clients including Yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail. The Fairmail app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. When it comes to its security and privacy measures, Fairmail supports OpenPGP as well as S/MIME encryption and decryption protocols. There is a bunch of other awesome features included such as:

  • Two-way synchronization
  • Very low data usage
  • Warning notifications
  • Keyword management
  • PIN/Biometric authentication
  • Safe message view

With Wikisend, you can also create one time download link. The service is very easy to use thanks to its minimalistic design. For free, you can attach files including images, documents, or something else up to 100 MB. The service also allows you to set expiry dates between one and ninety days while you can choose to self destruct your files once they have been opened once. Wikisend also lets you protect your files with passwords for even greater security.

Crafted by RCPmedia, FileNurse is another great option for sharing files securely. It allows you to share files up to 300 MB in addition to allowing you to share shortened one time download links. Just like Wikisend, FileNurse also password protects your files and folders which is always a great touch. In addition to these services, you can create one time download link with Tmpfiles, MediaFire, NullUpload, File.Town, and UploadFiles among several other similar options.

Create One Time Download Link with MediaFire

MediaFire is a super reliable, easy to use, file synchronization, file hosting, and cloud storage service owned and operated by the MediaFire LLC company launched in 2006.  This online backup service offers client software for all devices including Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10. With millions of loyal users, MediaFire remains one of the most popular services of this kind and among many great features it offers, it also allows its users to create one time download link. To create one time download link with MediaFire:

  • Sign up for a MediaFire account at the official website
  • Or log into your account if you have one
  • Press on the Upload button, find the file you want to upload
  • Once the file has been uploaded, press the Share button
  • Choose More Sharing Options and pick 1 Time Download
  • Click on the Generate button to generate your link
  • Your one time download link can only be opened once

With MediaFire, you can also create links that expire after a predetermined period. The service allows you to set the validity of your links between one and thirty days. You can also get notified when your one time download link was accessed. Essentially, MediaFire lets you share self destruct images, self destruct videos and other encrypted files that cannot be accessed by anyone other than the intended recipient.

Explore One-Time Secret and Its Features

One-Time Secret is one of the most used services of this kind that lets you create one time download link. As mentioned on the official website, links that you create using the service also known as secret links can only be accessed once before they disappear forever. With One-Time Secret, you can also password-protect the private data you want to share but in this case, you have to register for a free account.

If you are not a registered One-Time Secret user, you can still create one time download link but without a passphrase for that extra security layer. If you prefer to keep your email address anonymous, you can register at One-Time Secret with a temporary email address as well. For anonymous users, the maximum size of shared messages is 100 KB and 1000 KB for free accounts.

It also should be noted that non-viewed disappearing messages are kept for seven days for non-registered and up to fourteen days for registered users with free accounts. After this time, messages or links created with One-Time Secrete are destroyed and cannot be retrieved. It also should be noted that the service does not allow to create one time link containing videos, files, or videos but only plain text. Therefore, you will have to turn to some other service to share files. The bottom line, One-Time Secret works perfectly when you want to make sure that your private information you share was seen only by the intended recipient and nobody else.

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