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You are looking for the best, most secure messaging app that uses the best safety and privacy measures to protect your private data at all times? If so, you are in the right place as here we bring your several highly secure messaging apps that work on all modern iOS and Android devices and come with a bunch of great features.

It should be noted that here we will not mention WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and iMessage that are explored in other articles here and you should definitely check those out. In addition to these, there are many secure messaging apps we also discussed in other guides and there is still more to uncover. Before we get to secure messaging apps that most certainly deserve your attention if you truly value your online and data privacy, let’s check out what is secure messaging and what it involves.

What is Secure Messaging?

Secure messaging apps or encrypted messaging apps ensure complete security and privacy at all times thanks to their great end-to-end encryption technologies employed. This is what makes secure messaging apps stand out from other similar services that do not employ such encryption technology. Instant messaging apps including those we will discuss here make it extremely easy to connect with people across the globe with just several clicks.

At the same time, new online communication options and new emerging technologies also brought many new options for hackers, third-parties, governments, and companies behind apps to access your private data without you knowing. When you use a messaging app that is not end-to-end encrypted or which does not use some kind of encryption technology, private, confidential data you share could be accessed and even modified by hackers and third parties.

This is where secure messaging apps come into the picture. When discussing secure messaging apps, many of your favorite social media services do not fall into this category including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. While they use encryption technology, they do not use end-to-end encryption. When it comes to Facebook, it does offer self destruct messaging options and these are end-to-end encrypted. However, messages you share via Facebook are not end-to-end encrypted by default.

At the same time, there are many great, end-to-end encrypted-powered, secure messaging apps that work better when it comes to their privacy and security measures. As expected, the most important feature of secure messaging apps is their end-to-end encryption. However, there are many other important factors including synchronization among different devices, multi-mode communication options, and self destruct messaging options.

When these features are offered, you can rest assured that the messaging app you are using is truly safe and secure. To make it easier for you, we bring you several highly popular, widely used, end-to-end encrypted, feature-packed, secure messaging apps you can try out today and these are SureSpot and Silent Phone.

SureSpot Secure Messaging App

If you are looking for a reliable, end-to-end encrypted, secure messaging app, SureSpot has got you covered. Launched relatively recently in 2019, SureSpot is a one hundred percent safe and secure messaging app that uses military-grade 256-bit AES-GCM encryption. The company responsible for the app is Surespot LLC. The app works on both iOS and Android devices and you can get it from the Google Play Store and App Store depending on which device you use.

All your private messages you send using SureSpot and end-to-end encrypted by default which is not the case with many other instant messaging options out there such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The best end-to-end encryption with SureSpot is also protecting your conversations when sharing images, files, or videos which is a huge advantage. SureSpot is also fully open-source, so on the service’s website, you can check its software code and everything else that makes SureSpot a great secure messaging app.

In addition to employing end-to-end encryption, the app does not lack other great features. First of all, SureSpot is free for download and secondly, it is not associated with your email or phone number so you keep that information private. The app also supports encrypted voice messaging which is quite handy when your hands are busy and you need to communicate with someone online. To send end-to-end encrypted voice messages with SureSpot, just click and hold the microphone button and release when you are done and the message is sent.

  • Uses 256-bit AES-GCM encryption
  • Fully open-source, check all software on the website
  • Not associated with your email or phone number
  • End-end-end encrypted voice messaging
  • Free of in-app advertisements

Silent Phone

Silent Phone launched by Silent Circle Inc. is another great secure messaging app that works on Android and iOS devices. The company responsible for the app was established in 2011 in the United States and it focuses on the development of secure, encrypted messaging and communication services for both desktop and mobile devices. The company is best known for its Silent Phone app that is part of the company’s Enterprise Privacy Platform of services, software, and devices that work together.

Just like SureSpot, the Silent Phone secure messaging app is end-to-end encrypted. It also features a bunch of great options such as encrypted file sharing, conference calling, self destruct messaging options, voice memos, and even more. All communication options you have with Silent Phone are end-to-end encrypted including sending text messages, videos, files, or PDFs, and more. Moreover, the company responsible for the app keeps very little of your private data which is also a great plus.

It also should be noted that Silent Circle does not keep logs of messages and calls between users and does not track IP addresses. Besides, Silent Phone offers secure group and conference messaging options, one-touch voice memos, read and delivery receipts, automatic message redaction, HF video calling, and worldwide coverage. Since the app provides you with an option to get a second phone line, you can enjoy its perks and benefits without giving out your real, main phone number.

  • End-to-end encrypted voice, text messaging, file sharing
  • Conference calling options
  • Unlimited user messaging and calling
  • Self destruct messaging options
  • Secure group messaging

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