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You are looking for a great message app for iPhone that takes care of your privacy as well as offers a bunch of other great features such as self destruct text messages, self destruct files, and more. If so, you are in the right place as here we explore some of the best message app for iPhone options you have at your disposal today. It should be noted that we do not mention WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal that have their separate articles on the site and you should definitely check out these if you are interested in learning more about these encrypted messaging options.

We will not discuss the iMessage message app for iPhone that works exclusively on Apple devices as you can check everything about iMessage in one of our other articles which explores the major differences between SMS texting and iMessage. Here, we will explore several great message app for iPhone options that are empowered with end-to-end encryption, that employ great security measures, and that always protect your private data as well as images, videos, and files you share using these services.

What Every Great Message App for iPhone Offers?

Every great message app for iPhone employs some kind of encryption technology to ensure that your private conversations, your private info, and everything else you share using these apps remain private and secure at all times. Therefore, when looking for a great message app for iPhone, you want to make sure that your instant messaging app employs this technology. Fortunately, the vast majority of popular instant messaging apps are also encrypted messaging apps empowered with the best end-to-end encryption.

Every great message app for iPhone also offers secret messaging or secret texting options which as suggested let you communicate with anyone online in a one hundred percent safe and secure environment. Several years back, your Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp conversations were secure and safe by default. However, the situation is quite different today considering data we share online intentionally or unintentionally has become one of the most important assets for hackers, companies, and all sorts of third-parties.

There is also strong evidence that governments do some internet monitoring and surveillance. Needless to say, private, confidential data you share online is supposed to be safe and secure and this is where great encrypted message app for iPhone options come into the game. When you want to make sure that nobody from the outside can access and view the content of your personal messages, images, or files, you get yourself an encrypted message app for iPhone. Since there are many different options available today, we bring you some of the best, so let’s go.

CoverMe Message App for iPhone

CoverMe is an excellent message app for iPhone that also works across Android-powered devices. This secure, encrypted instant messaging app lets you communicate with others online safely, share photos, videos, and files. The CoverMe iOS app you can get right away from the App Store employs the very best, military-grade encryption technology to protect your text messages, voice, and video calls, as well as everything else you share using the app such as your videos, photos, contacts, and call logs.

To ensure that your personal data remains safe and protected, this message app for iPhone utilizes the best data security and privacy measures thanks to which nobody can access your CoverMe information. One of these measures includes the service’s fully encrypted Personal Vault option that only you can access. Besides, CoverMe has a bunch of other great features thanks to which you have full control over the messages you have sent even after the messages have been delivered to the intended recipient.

In addition, with the CoverMe app, you can send encrypted, self destruct, or disappearing text messages whenever you want that extra layer of protection. With the service’s Secure Vault option, you get to lock your passwords, videos, images, notes, and documents in a cloud. Unlike similar services of this kind such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and Viber, with CoverMe you can send private text messages and make calls without revealing your actual phone number and this is a great option if you want to disguise your identity even more. Some of the major CoverMe message app for iPhone features include:

  • Employs military-grade encryption technology
  • CoverMe Personal Vault protects your videos, photos, and files
  • Fully private text messaging and calling options
  • Only you can access your personal info with a password
  • Disposable phone number options to disguise your real phone number

Pryvate Now

Another great message for iPhone that is empowered with the best encryption technology is Pryvate Now. Pryvate Now is a reliable, encrypted instant messaging app that works on both iOS and Android-powered devices. Once you get the app from the App Store, you can start messaging and chatting right away. Back in 2015, the service won the prestigious Best Business Best Mobile App award and this surely adds more to its reliability and credibility.

Just like CoverMe, Pryvate Now encrypts all of your messages and files you share using the app. As mentioned on the official Pryvate Now website, the app is empowered with RSA 4096-bit encryption and very importantly does not involve middlemen or servers for secure, encrypted communications. Moreover, the free Pryvate Now app also comes packed with a variety of other great features including self destruct options.

As suggested, when you send self destruct messages using the Pryvate Now app, your messages self destruct within a predetermined time frame and cannot be accessed again. The latest version of the Pryvate Now app also notifies you whenever a screenshot of your message has been taken. Unlimited chats and calls are also available. What is even more, the company responsible for this message app for iPhone does not have access to any of your conversations which is yet another great advantage. Some of the major Pryvate Now features include:

  • Military-grade RSA 4096-bit encryption
  • Self destruct messaging options
  • Encrypted text messages, and files
  • No records of your communication available
  • Get notified when your messages have been screenshotted

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