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Here in this guide, we take a look at several encrypted web browser options, we discuss browser encryption in detail, and we check how it works. The amount of dangers and threats lurking in the digital world has never been so huge as today with cybercriminals and hackers using advanced technology to access your private info, your private messages, and even your browsing history. The same way you want to protect your private messages, you also want to protect your internet browsing history and this is where encrypted, secure web browsers come into the game.

Even though many of us rarely think about those great dangers lurking in the digital world, web browser hijacking is a real, potentially very serious issue. If someone has taken control or hold of the web browser you are using, your confidential, private data is at great risk. Hijacking programs used to take control over your web browser history can also make other of your sensitive data stored on your device exposed.

Is My Web Browser Hijacked?

Before we take a look at great, reliable, and one hundred percent secure encrypted web browser options that protect everything that should be protected, let’s examine some common signs of a hijacked browser. One of the most common signs that suggest your web browser has been hijacked is URL redirecting and an unknown homepage showing up after starting the web browser.

If your web browser constantly takes you to different sites you have not searched for, your web browser has been hijacked. If numerous popup windows appear after launching the web browser, this is also the work of a hacker who wants you to accidentally open some of those popup windows so that he or she can install malware programs.

Fake security alerts coming from security programs or apps that you have installed also suggest that your web browser has been hijacked. If any of these issues happen, close your web browser instantly, head to your antivirus program, and perform a full scan. Once done, make sure you also re-install your browser and finally consider turning to an encrypted, secure web browser which makes it impossible for cybercriminals to hijack your web browser.

  • Web searches redirected to different sites
  • Numerous pop-up windows appearing
  • Multiple advertisement alerts
  • Web pages slow loading
  • Multiple toolbars appearing you have not installed
  • Fake security alerts

What is an Encrypted Web Browser?

Every encrypted browser uses some kind of encryption technology. Different encryption protocols are also employed by websites as well as instant messaging apps. In the simplest terms, encryption encodes data and information. In other words, its converts information from its original plaintext formation into another format, and only authorized parties can decipher such information.

When it comes to an encrypted web browser, such a browser establishes a secure, private connection thanks to a tunnel via internet users’ ISP and the internet. When you use an encrypted web browser, your private, sensitive, confidential data stored in your web browser, your internet browsing history, or the sites you have visited, and basically everything else is hidden from your internet provider, cybercriminals, and all other prying eyes.

Regardless of which device you use to browse the internet when you do not use an encrypted web browser, everything that you want to remain secure and private could be exposed to advertisers, cybercriminals, and of course, your service provider. Therefore, it is crucial that you know the rules and that you take the right steps and embrace all online data and privacy protections we have at our disposal and one of those is an encrypted web browser.

Find Your Encrypted Web Browser

You have an excellent variety of encrypted web browser options that help you stay safe and well-protected whenever you are browsing the web. Having an encrypted web browser is the most crucial tool for protecting your sensitive data from cybercriminals. Today, many web browsers collect data for a bunch of advertising companies and this is the case with the most used, most popular Google Chrome web browser.

While Google Chrome is extremely safe and secure, it collects your private data and this does not make it the best option out there if you are looking for a truly secure, safe, and private web browser. Microsoft Edge thanks to its great phishing protection can be a good alternative but this does not make a great encrypted web browser. What we recommend is turning to Brave, Tor, and Mozilla Firefox.

Brave Browser

Released by Brave Software Inc. Brave is an open-source, free, web browser that relies on Chromium technology. It comes with built-in ad-blockers, awesome privacy settings that you can customize, and great privacy measures. The brave encrypted web browser has a minimalistic design, it is fast-performing, and most importantly, it is one hundred percent privacy-focused. Since this is an encrypted web browser, it secures your browsing history, upgrades to HTTPS automatically, and even blocks third-party cookies in addition to blocking ads.

  • Excellent security and privacy measures
  • User-friendly and fast-performing
  • Built-in add blockers

Tor Browser

If you are looking for an encrypted web browser with the very best privacy and security protocols and measures, turning to Tor browser is the way to go. Tor browser has it all covered when it comes to staying safe and well-protected. Just like the previously mentioned encrypted web browser, Tor is also an open-source, free web browser that enables encrypted, anonymous communication at all times. It was developed by The Tor Project back in 2002 and it works on Linux, Microsoft, Android, and macOS devices.

  • Offers the best, maximum internet safety
  • Impressive security and privacy add-ons
  • Web traffic triple encrypted

Mozilla Firefox

While we always recommend turning to Tor browser if you want the maximum browsing protection at all times, Tor is very slow and this does not come as a surprise considering your web traffic is always triple encrypted. If you need a browser that is faster-loading and more practical for everyday use, Mozilla Firefox is a great option. This is also an open-source web browser released in 2002 by Mozilla Corporation. It provides complete protection from fingerprinting, it comes with crypto-jacking prevention tools and a bunch of other safety measures.

  • Excellent sandboxing technology
  • Customizable security and privacy setting
  • Different browser extensions

In addition to Brave, Tor, and Mozilla Firefox, we also recommend you check out several other great encrypted web browser options including Ungoogled Chromium browser that is an excellent alternative to Google Chrome, Bromite that is a great Chromium you can download to an Android device, and Iridium that is one hundred percent dedicated to your online privacy. When it comes to those most popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, they employ great safety and security measures but they are not as private as you would think. 

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