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Here, we discuss several great PGP encryption app options thanks to which you can rest assured that private, confidential data you share with friends or someone else online remains safe and secure. Before we check out these apps, we should briefly discuss what is PGP encryption, how it works, and how it protects your private data.

PGP encryption that stands for Pretty Good Privacy is a powerful encryption technology that is used for encrypting, protecting emails and filers. In other words, this encryption technology delivers cryptographic privacy via its encryption program released back in 1991. The program was crafted by Phil Zimmermann and it works across a variety of platforms including desktop devices powered by macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Since its beginnings in 1991, Pretty Good Privacy has become the most used security and privacy stands when it comes to email technology and communication. When you have a reliable, safe to use PGP encryption app, you can easily encrypt as well as decrypt emails, text messages, and files with the main purpose of boosting the security of your private, confidential data.

What is a PGP Encryption App?

As mentioned in the previous section, Pretty Good Privacy is a computer program that grants authentication and cryptographic privacy for emails and other online communication channels. This technology always uses cryptography, hashing, and data compression alongside both asymmetric and symmetric keys in order to encrypt private, sensitive data that will be transferred across different networks.

The Pretty Good Privacy technology also combines public and private key cryptography features with every public key being associated with an email address and user name and every step of the encryption process features a unique algorithm. With a PGP encryption app, when you encrypt plaintext, the text is first compressed to boost cryptographic security, save disk space, and save some transmission time.

Public keys are traded among two parties while private keys are used for signing the content that has been encrypted. With a reliable, safe PGP encryption app and there are many great options out there, you can confidentially communicate with others online, protect your private messages as they travel from your device to the recipient’s device, and even check whether your messages have been altered or not. Further, we take a look at several great options if you are looking for a PGP encryption app that does the work the right way.

PGP Encryption App OpenKeychain

Introduced back in March of 2012, OpenKeychain is a reliable, very easy-to-use PGP encryption app that works on Android-powered tablets and smartphones. This is an open-source, free app that promises top-notch user-based encryption of the OpenPGP standard. Once you get the app, you can easily encrypt your text messages or private, notes, decrypt messages, as well as verify signatures for filers, emails, and text.

With the OpenKeychain PGP encryption app for Android devices, you can also store other users’ public keys with whom you have interacted before. In other words, the app lets you communicate with friends, family members, or someone else online more securely and privately. It uses the most reliable encryption technology to make sure that your private messages and files can also be accessed and read by the intended recipient.

The app relies on the top-notch OpenPGP standard. Just like other apps of this kind, it also relies on digital keys and the app does all the work for you including storing as well as managing your private keys as well as keys of the individuals you interact with. The app is audited regularly by the Cure53 company and it works with K-9 Mail to grant the best end-to-end encryption technology. It is also worth mentioning that the OpenKeychain PGP encryption app works with other apps including the FairEmail email encryption app, Oversec, PGPClipper, PGPAuth, and PhotoPGP.

  • Relies on the OpenPGP standard
  • Provides end-to-end encryption
  • Integrates with other apps such as K-9 Mail
  • Audited by Cure53
  • Stores and manages digital keys

PGP Everywhere

Developed by the Future Spin Software, LLC company, PGP Everywhere is a great PGP encryption app for iOS devices you can get for $4.99 from the App Store. As mentioned on the official website of PGP Everywhere, this is one of the most flexible PGP encryption apps out there for iOS devices. It features a great action and keyboard extension thanks to which you can encrypt your files and messages in any app you use on your portable device.

With PGP Everywhere, you can encrypt and decrypt messages and files, encrypt and decrypt emails and attachments in your email app, easily generate key pairs, sign and verify public keys, import and export keys via iTunes File Sharing or USB, and even more. The app supports different languages including Russian, German, and English while its keyboard extension supports Portuguese, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

  • Generation of key pairs
  • Action and keyboard extensions
  • Encryption and decryption of files
  • Import and export of keys
  • Open source, audited

iPGMail PGP Encryption App

Another great PGP encryption app that works on iOS devices is iPGMail that you can get on the App Store for $1.99. The app is crafted by the Wyllys Ingersoll company and just like the first app mentioned, it relies on the OpenPGP standard or RFC 4880, RFC 6637. Users of the app can easily create and manage private and public keys (RSA, DSA, ECDSA, EDDSA, ECDH). With the iPGMail app, you can also create and manage PGP keys, send encrypted messages, and receive encrypted messages.

A bunch of other features is also included in this PGP encryption app. You can use the app to share PGP files and messages from the system clipboard. iTunes Fire Sharing is also supported while you can transfer your key files using AirDrop as well. PGP key generation is also supported and the app allows you to encrypt and digitally sign messages using your PGP keys. Naturally, with iPGMail, you can also secure your email messages regardless of which email app or client you use.

  • DropBox, AirDrop, and iTunes File Sharing supported
  • Creation of private and public keys
  • Email PGP encryption
  • OpenPGP protection
  • File encryption options

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