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You want to send passwords securely but you do not know which service to use? If so, look no further as here we explore several great, reliable, encrypted text messaging options out there thanks to which you can send passwords securely without worrying about this personal information being compromised or exposed to any kind of danger out there in the digital world. Many of you turn to email when sharing passwords or some other confidential information.

However, turning to this most obvious messaging option is not the best route to take when you want to send passwords securely. The major issue with communicating via email is the fact that email accounts can be easily hacked simply because emails are usually stored as plain text. Hackers who know what they are doing easily access this database and everything that you share using email is at great risk.

Nonetheless, many still prefer to use email to send passwords securely without understanding the potential dangers of such actions. For instance, when you send credentials to your website, you share both passwords and usernames as plain text. As previously mentioned, hackers can easily access such information when shared via email without any end-to-end protection. In addition to email, some send passwords or other confidential information using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging options.

When compared to email, these are better options but still far away from being foolproof unless you are using self destruct text messaging options that these services fortunately have. When you use these options, passwords and other confidential data you share can only be viewed or accesses once by the intended recipient before it self destructs and cannot be accessed again.

Another great method to send passwords securely is to grant the intended recipient only one-time access to confidential information using an end-to-end encrypted text messaging and file sharing service. One of those services is Ramnia that lets you send passwords securely as well as share files, and text messages that self destruct after being viewed by the intended recipient. Similar to Ramnia is One Time Secret service.

Send Passwords Securely with One Time Secret

The One Time Secret service was launched back in 2012. The service was built by Delano and it lets you share all sorts of important, confidential, private information securely at any time. The main idea behind One Time Secret was to provide the best way to send passwords securely and it lives up to this day. However, One Time Service has evolved to incorporate other great features that also boost your online privacy.

As mentioned on the official website, One Time Secret keeps passwords and other private data shared using the service for up to seven days on its server before the data is destroyed and gone forever. Just like other services of this kind, One Time Secret does all the hard work for you including encrypting passwords and other private information you share so that nobody can access that information besides the intended recipient and the recipient can only access it once before the data is destroyed.

Just like Ramnia, One Time Secret uses one-time links and the content or passwords you share this way are only accessible and viewable once, so nobody can access it later. With the best end-to-end encryption technology, with One Time Secret, you can rest assured that no private information you share using the service is accessible to anyone except the recipient. To send passwords securely with One Time Secret:

  • Head to the One Time Secret website
  • In the designated box, paste a password you want to share
  • You can also set a passphrase
  • Set the self destruct timer between 5 minutes and 7 days
  • Click on the Create a Secrete Link button
  • Share the link with the recipient
  • If you want to delete the message before it has been read, click on the Burn This Secret button

Check Out Password.Link

Another great option to send passwords securely besides Ramnia and One Time Secret is Password.Link. The service has been operational for many years now and it is perfect for sharing confidential data such as VPN keys, license keys for software and games, as well as website credentials, and such. Just like with Ramnia and One Time Secret, Password.Link encrypts private messages you share so nobody can access them except the intended recipient.

With Password.Link, you create secret links which work or can be accessed only one time. With Password.Link, you get notified when your secret link or your secret messages has been accessed while the process of encryption, as well as decryption, happens in the designated browser. All the hard work is done by the service. In other words, Password.Link encrypts your messages as well as seals them behind secret links that can be accessed only once.

As previously mentioned, encryption happens in the browser and Password.Link cannot view your private messages or passwords you share using the service. Password.Link also features a great API that interested services, as well as apps, can easily integrate to allow their users to send passwords securely. Companies and services that use Password.Link options can modify the API to match the preferences and needs of their customers.

As mentioned on the official Password.Link website, when you send passwords using the service, firstly, two eighteen-character long strings are generated randomly. The service uses the best random number generator technology. Private data you share using the service is encrypted with AES 256 bit in the SJCL (Stanford Javascript Crypto Library) and the encryption key includes both private and public key parts. To send passwords securely with Password.Link:

  • Go to the Password.Link website on any of your devices
  • In the designated space, paste your password
  • Once done, click on the Encrypt and Create Link button
  • To use other features, you need to register
  • Once you log into your account, set your message‚Äôs expiration date
  • When you log into your account, you will also get notified when your secret link is being viewed

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