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In this WhatsApp vs Line guide, we take a look at the most popular instant messaging option with over two billion users WhatsApp and one of its major rivals Line. Here, we focus only on WhatsApp and Line, so if you are interested in other comparisons between WhatsApp and Viber, Signal, and Telegram, make sure you check out our other articles. Further in this WhatsApp vs Line article, we examine both services’ features, we check their instant messaging options, disappearing messaging options, and of course, their security and privacy measures.

Both Line and WhatsApp just like other popular instant messaging apps out there let you send text messages, share images and files, as well as make free calls using your portable device. When the two apps are compared, it is quite obvious that both offer very similar texting and calling features. So, let’s first examine WhatsApp and its features before we compare it with Line and what it offers.

WhatsApp Features, Usage, and Popularity

According to several recent studies done on the most popular instant messaging apps on a global scale, WhatsApp is the world’s leader used in over one hundred and nine countries or over fifty-five percent of the world. Some countries where WhatsApp is very popular include India, Mexico, Brazil, as well as many South American and European countries.

The same studies also concluded that Facebook Messenger is the second most used instant messaging service while Viber follows thanks to its strong presence in Europe especially in Eastern Europe and countries including Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. Telegram, WeChat, and Line follow. Line is very popular in Asia including Japan and China while it is used in other parts of the globe but not as much as in Japan and China.

Back to WhatsApp, the instant messaging service owned and operated by Facebook Inc. was released over ten years ago in February of 2009. The service was developed by Jan Koum and Brian Acton who at the time worked for WhatsApp LLC. Just like other great instant messaging services out there, WhatsApp is a cross-platform, voice-over- IP freeware service thanks to which you can make and receive free calls, make video calls, share your location, send text messages, as well as send images, videos, files, and documents.

While WhatsApp is primarily used on mobile devices, you can also get the app on your desktop device and chat from there. To use the app, you need to be connected to the internet and you need to provide your mobile telephone number to register and get started. Unlike several other services of this kind including Viber and Line, with WhatsApp, you can only call other users of the app. When it comes to its encryption technology employed, WhatsApp relies on Signal encryption protocol to ensure that your private, confidential data is safe and secure at all times. Other WhatsApp features include:

  • Free voice calling options
  • Group calls (up to eight users)
  • Broadcast messaging
  • End-to-end encrypted messages
  • Files, images, and video sharing
  • Free to download and use
  • Option to delete sent messages
  • Can be used without a SIM card

WhatsApp Vs Line – Line Security, Features, and Usage

Further in this WhatsApp vs Line guide, we take a look at Line and its features. Just like WhatsApp, Line is a freeware instant messaging app that is downloadable for free. The app can be downloaded to desktop computers, tablets, and of course, smartphones. The app was developed by LINE Corporation and the very first version of the app was released in June of 2011. Using Line, you can send text messages, share images and files, as well as make video and audio calls.

Line and the company behind it also provides a premium platform that includes a variety of other services such as the Line Pay digital wallet, Line Today news streams, Line TV, as well as Line Webtoon and Line Manga. As mentioned in the previous section of our WhatsApp vs Line guide, Line is the most used instant messaging app in Japan since 2013. As announced back in October of 2014, the instant messaging app had over 560 million users while this number increased to 600 million users in February of 2015. Today in Japan only, Line has over 84 million active users.

Besides being extremely popular in Japan, Line is also very popular in Thailand and Taiwan.  At the time of its release, Line was only available for iOS and Android smartphones while today, the service offers apps for macOS and Microsoft Windows desktop computers as well as BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, and iOS tablets. When it comes to its encryption technology, Line relies on ECDH encryption protocol, and just like WhatsApp, it uses a Facebook account or a cellular phone number for registration. Other Line features include:

  • Free voice and video calling
  • Top-notch call quality
  • Group calls (up to two hundred users)
  • A plethora of free stickers
  • Timeline views
  • Email account integration
  • Black List ID options
  • Different options to connect with other Line users

WhatsApp Vs Line – Which One is Better?

As previously mentioned in this WhatsApp vs Line guide, both instant messaging options offer great features and both use reliable encryption protocols to protect your private data. In terms of their popularity, WhatsApp wins this battle since it has over two billion users across the world while Line has significantly less and it is mainly favored in Asia. At the same time, WhatsApp uses more data when compared to Line so Line wins this battle.

Line allows you to contact or call your friends or family members even though if they do not use the service and with WhatsApp, you can only communicate with other WhatsApp users. While both services allow you to make free video and voice calls, WhatsApp calls once again use more data. Those who prefer group calls will enjoy Line more since the service supports group calls with up to two hundred participants while with WhatsApp you can also make group calls with up to eight other users.

Both WhatsApp and Line function as social network platforms bit Line offers timeline options, unlike WhatsApp. This leads us to stickers and here Line wins considering it offers a plethora of free stickers you can get within the app for free. Depending on your preferences, both instant messaging apps win. If you want to use an app with a bigger user base, then WhatsApp is the best option. However, if you want to use an app with more social features, then you should turn to Line.

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