Self Destructing Message

Nowadays, many people turn to self destructing message services such as Ramnia that provide greater internet or online safety. Before the Ramnia service was introduced, self destructing message tools and have been introduced by several very popular chatting apps such as WhatsApp. Since 2019, WhatsApp has been testing its self destructing message feature that is now available to all users who prefer their private messages staying private.

Nonetheless, not everyone is using apps like WhatsApp and others that offer self destructing message features and this is where Ramnia comes into the game. Extremely easy to use, Ramnia takes care of your internet privacy whenever you are chatting online. Ramnia’s self destructing message service allows individual users to send encrypted private notes, sensitive data, and files to anyone even if the recipient does not the same service.

Stay Safe Online with Ramnia Self Destructing Message Feature

Available to all internet users across the globe, Ramnia is supported by all desktop devices as well as Android and iOS-powered tablets and smartphones. Depending on your preferences, you can turn to the:

  • Ramnia web-service at
  • Download the Ramnia app for your Android device at
  • Download the Ramnia app for your iOS device at

The latest version of the Ramnia app features guided tour tutorials for using this self destructing message service. The tutorial included also explains how to send self destructing messages that contain videos, audio files, and images. If you decide to get the app instead of using the web-based service, you will also receive push notifications every time your self destructing message reaches the recipient.

The app also notifies you when your self destructing message is destroyed. This is not everything as with the Ramnia app you have more destruction-time options. In other words, you determine when you want your self destructing message to be destroyed. Now you may wonder why we need services such as Ramnia to protect our internet safety and privacy.

Safe Destructing Messages and Internet Safety

Staying safe while communicating online with your friends, family members and anybody else should be one of your biggest responsibilities in today’s digital world. Even though you may think that you are safe while surfing online, this is rarely true especially today when we tend to overshare on social media platforms and the internet in general.

One of the biggest advantages of using self destructing message services such as Ramnia is being able to share anything you want without worrying about your private, sensitive data being accessed by anyone other than the intended recipient. There are many valuable tips and rules you should incorporate into your daily online life to stay safe.

Whenever you want to share any personal, sensitive info online such as your social security number, your home address, your phone number, or your bank account info, make sure you send a well-encrypted, self destructing message that will leave no trace behind. In other words, to stay safe online keep your personal information well protected and when you need to share it, share it in a way that nobody can access it except the intended recipient.

Another extremely important internet safety tip is to always your device’s privacy settings on. Cybercriminals, as well as companies and online businesses, thrive as they learn more about you and they do when you browse the internet without any protection. Nonetheless, you can easily avoid oversharing online by turning all internet privacy settings on and this can be done on any device and in any browser. When using Ramnia on any device, all of the internet privacy settings are on which means every self destructing message you send is safeguarded.

No matter how many hours daily you spend browsing online, cybercriminals have their ways to access your private data when you go online without any protection. We are curious by nature, so it is not uncommon to go on the internet and browse through shady websites. However, there are cybercriminals waiting for you to slip any expose some private data that should have been kept safe.

Always Safe while Communicating Online

If you want to make sure that the private data you share online is truly safe and well-protected, considering using a VPN connection which in addition to using self destructing message services makes it virtually impossible for cybercriminals and third-parties to access what you want to keep safe. Using a safe VPN connection is especially important when we use Wi-Fi at public places such as a local cafe, local library, and such. 

In fact, using the internet at such places makes you the most vulnerable when no VPN is used and when you share personal info the usual way without encryption involved. To avoid unpleasant surprises of your personal data being stolen as you surf the Internet in your local cafe, use self destructing message services alongside a VPN that stands for Virtual Private Network. These two when combined will definitely keep hackers away from your personal info.

When surfing online, make sure that your antivirus program works as expected. In addition to using a VPN and self destructing message services such as Ramnia, having a great antivirus program protecting your device is a must if you want to stay safe online. Since your device’s internet safety tools cannot do everything on their own, it is up to you to take steps and make sure that your personal information you share online is safe.

Once you have taken these steps, you can browse the internet, go online shopping, and of course communicate with friends and family without any fear of exposing something about yourself that should have been kept safe and private. If you are looking for a great self destructing message service that truly takes care of your internet safety, check out Ramnia that works on all devices including tablets and smartphones. With Ramnia, everything you share online is safeguarded by the most technologically advanced, military-grade encryption and this is what internet privacy should be about.

Self Destruct Message

Nowadays, not much is kept private and safe when shared online especially if you tend to communicate with friends and family members via popular social media platforms. To make sure the content you share online with friends, family members, or anybody else stays private, the best option you have is to turn to a self destruct message.

Further in this article, we explore how to send a self destruct message, how these messages work, and how they can help you share anything you like without leaving a trace. The Ramnia service and app for both iOS and Android devices lets you send a self destruct message whenever you want using a Secret Link you create. Instead of you manually encrypting your self destruct message, Ramnia does everything for you and you only need to send your Secret Link to the intended recipient.

Once the recipient opens your Secret Link, the message you have sent self destructs as it never was sent. Services such as Ramnia and others that let you send self destruct messages exist to make sure that what is meant to be private stays private and it all goes back to internet privacy and safety.

How Self Destruct Messages Increase Your Online Privacy?

In its broadest term, internet privacy concerns online data privacy that includes a variety of highly advanced concepts, protocols, and technologies that give companies as well as individual users greater privacy when enjoying the amazing perks and benefits of the internet. Nowadays, internet privacy comes in many different forms including different data transparency campaigns, data privacy controls, and data privacy mandatory protocols that many websites use today.

Needless to say, data privacy and internet privacy should be of the greatest importance to all users especially today when cybercriminals and hackers are constantly working on finding new victims. While websites do their best to protect you and other users, there are certain things you need to do on your own. One of those things is making sure your sensitive, private data remains private and away from prying eyes.

What you can do is to take the advantage of self destruct message services such as Ramnia that lets you communicate with anyone you want without fearing your private data being compromised in any way. In recent times, many apps evolved to offer their users self destruct message services such as WhatsApp.

In its essence, a self destruct message always adds a greater layer of privacy and safety since it destroys automatically within a predetermined period usually within seven days. When using self destruct message services, you have an option to send a self destruct message and to anyone even to those who are not using the same service as you. What is even more, whenever you send a self destruct message, you can also when you want your message to be removed. With this in mind, turning to self destruct message services, apps, and tools significantly increases your only privacy.

Why Internet Privacy Matters?

In this crazy, hectic digital era, we spend hours and hours online surfing the internet and communicating with each other. Today, it is almost impossible to go back in time when the internet was not around and when the information was not readily available in real-time as it is today. Benefiting from the amazing perks of the internet comes with a price that we rarely think about and that is over-exposing ourselves whenever we are online.

To be able to look for information online, to be able to communicate with others online, or do anything else on the internet, you and everybody else need to share some private info. While you may think that some things are kept private and safe while, this is not always the case. In fact, your internet safety can easily be jeopardized when you are not aware of the dangers luring the global internet world.

There are many different terms regarding internet privacy but in its essence, it is your right to seclude and keep safe and private any information you think should be private. It is also your right to distance yourself from receiving any kind of online attention from other people as well as from companies, businesses, and third-parties. While internet privacy is something everyone is entitled to, not everyone retains the required internet privacy in this hectic digital world.

While acquiring, monitoring, and tracking internet users’ personal information is one of the most commonly used marketing practices, revealing too much about yourself online puts you in a dangerous situation where your private data can be exploited by cybercriminals. Since it is your right to keep your private data truly private, turning to self destruct message services, apps, and tools doubtlessly helps you get there.

Why Self Destruct Messages?

In this digital world, there are millions of users online sharing data at loads of websites, services, and such. At the same time, there are entities, companies, and of course cybercriminals working their best to exploit people’s private data for their own financial or some other gain. To make sure that you are safe online, never send your financial data, social security number, or anything else sensitive using standard messaging options.

The best option to truly safeguard sensitive, personal data is to send well-encrypted self destruct messages that are fortunately becoming readily available. Making sure that everyone is safe online is a great responsibility of all of us. However, you cannot expect that others do the work for you and your internet data privacy. In other words, the responsibility is on you. You decide what to share online, how to share it, when, and with who.

On way to empower yourself and make sure your sensitive data shared online will remain private is to embrace the power of a self destruct message services. While there are many services of this kind available today, not all of them are created equally. Ramnia uses the best, military-grade encryption technology to stay ahead of its competition and of course, provide the greatest data privacy degree.

Private Note

Some images, files, and text messages are meant to send as a private note. Some messages should not leave a trace and this is where self-destructing messaging services such as the Ramnia app come into the game. The Ramnia App provides the best way possible to send any kind of private note to your friends, family members, work colleagues, or any other person. Thanks to the Ramnia service, you can send private notes, highly confidential messages via Secret Links that self-destruct once they have been opened by the recipient.

In its essence, Ramnia is an excellent, very easy to use web-based self-destructing messaging service which allows you to share a private note, a secret message, a file, or a picture with anyone you want over the internet. All messages that you send using the service are private notes, encrypted using the best encryption technology available today that even the government and military use.

To get started, you get the Ramnia app or access the web-based service, write your private note with or without additional files, and Ramnia encrypts the note for you. Both the app and the web-based Ramnia service use the most technologically-advanced clientside encryption AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) where the encrypted data gets supplementary transferred via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. More specifically, every private note you send is protected with the most protective AES 256-bit encryption technology.

What is a Private Note?

Nowadays when we spend hours communicating with others online through social media and messaging apps, you expose your sensitive data at all times unless you take certain measures. This is exactly what companies, online businesses, and other ventures do to make sure nobody can access their confidential data shared on the web. The technology behind AES-256 + SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that powers Ramnia is essential to ensure internet safety and the safety of your private notes.

In this sense, a private note is a note that is encrypted with some kind of SSL technology. Today, this is the golden standard for keeping your private notes away from snoopers and prying eyes. This is also the golden standard when it comes to keeping internet safety at the highest. The technology that powers Ramnia to encrypt your private notes also prevents hackers or cybercriminals from getting access to those messages you do not want to be exposed in any way.

You can think of a private note as a well-encrypted message that is fully guarded by the powerful SSL technology. In other words, the AES-256 + SSL technology safeguards any confidential data that travels online between you and the recipient. The technology works seamlessly across all different online environments. It safeguards servers as well as clients, apps, and browsers.

A private note that is encrypted with this military-grade technology also makes it impossible for intruders or cybercriminals to modify the data you send so it always reaches the recipient in its original, non-compromised form as you send it. With this in mind, sending a private note instead of a standard note is the best route to take when you want to send your financial data, your bank account info, or any other kind of sensitive data you need to stay private.

Why Turn to Private Notes

The biggest advantage of using the Ramnia self-destructing messaging service is being able to send encrypted, private notes to anyone you want at any time and any place with any device you prefer using. This why sensitive data you want to keep safe and well protected cannot be accessed by anyone except the intended recipient. When using common messaging apps as well as social media and such, everyone that you share online is not secure in a way as a private note is.

If you want to stay protected this way, you need to look for alternatives such as Ramnia that does all the work for you including encrypting your private notes, images, and other files. In this sense, whenever you are concerned about your internet safety and the safety of files and data that you share online, turning to private notes is the route to take. 

Thanks to the most technologically-advanced end-to-end encryption system used, Ramnia takes care of your private notes and everything else you want to send without leaving a trace with the greatest respect. At Ramnia, it is of paramount importance to protect everything you share online that you want to stay away from sometimes dangerous prying eyes. If you value your internet privacy and you should, Ramnia doubtlessly has your back.

Send Private Notes Any Time

As mentioned in the previous sections, Ramnia uses the best, the most technologically-advanced AES-256 + SSL encryption technology. When you send encrypted, private notes using the service, you prevent anyone who is not the intended recipient from accessing and modifying your message, looking into your online messages, your images, and sensitive files.

When you use standard messaging apps or services that are unencrypted, you are exposing yourself and your sensitive data in a way it can be monitored by others who know how to access such information. When you use standard messaging apps and services, you are not sending encrypted, private notes and files so they can be monitored by your wireless carrier, cybercriminals, and hackers.

There is a reason why encrypted messaging is also called secure messaging. To be safe while texting online, the best option is to turn to encrypted messaging especially when you discuss some sensitive information online. While there are many self-destructing, encrypted messaging tools and apps out there, they are not created equal.

In other words, not all of them provide the same level of data integrity and internet safety. For this reason, make sure you do your homework and research on your own. Nowadays when we spend hours online communicating with others, making sure that your personal data is safe has never been so important as cybercriminals work tirelessly to find new victims online. If you are not using an app that allows you to send encrypted, private notes on your desktop or portable device, make sure you check what Ramnia offers.

Ramnia App

Self-destructing messaging tools and apps such as Ramnia with the most powerful encryption technology are taking the world by storm simply because users value their privacy more. Digital privacy or online privacy refers to the level of protection individuals have while sharing files, pictures, or their personal data while being connected to the internet. Today, it is quite clear that your messages sent to your friends, family members, or anyone else are far away from being safe and protected from intruders who like snooping.

With this in mind, many people who truly value their privacy are looking for ways to protect their private messages, files, pictures, and every other communication they have on the internet from snoopers and prying eyes. This is where the Ramnia app comes into the game with all the right, necessary tools and the most technologically advanced encryption system to protect your privacy so that you can communicate with others without worrying about your messages being compromised in any way.

What is Ramnia?

Ramnia is a powerful tool for staying protected at all times while enjoying seamless communication with friends, family members, and others. Ramnia crafted by Rodomnia GmbHis a message and file upload service that can be used by all devices including your desktop computer, laptop, and of course, iOS and Android-powered portable devices including smartphones and tablets. With the app, you can easily send text and voice messages as well as files by creating a special link.

Once you have created this special link, you send it to the recipient who can only open it once before the message destroys itself and cannot be retrieved by any means. As previously mentioned, the app is available to all Android and iOS users. In other words, you can install the app to your iPod, iPad, and of course, your iPhone powered by iOS 11.0 or later.

The Ramnia app also works smoothly across Android-powered tablets and smartphones powered with 5.0 and later Android versions. To get the app for your iOS device, head to the App Store using your portable device, type in the search box Ramnia, and get the app. If you use an Android-powered device, get the app from Google Play. You can also get the Ramnia app for your portable device here from the website.

Benefits of Using This Service

As suggested, the biggest benefit of using the Ramnia app is being able to communicate with friends, family members, and anyone else without worrying about your messages being accessed by third parties. All texts and files that you send using can only be seen once and they self-destruct after a predetermined period. The recipient of your messages does not have to use the app to access your message as everything goes through a Secret Link you create.

The files you send using the service are always stored in the RAM (Random Access Memory) of our well-protected servers and are removed automatically after seven days. Once your message has been sent using the app, the recipient gets a notification and you also get notified when the recipient opens your message.

In its essence, the Ramnia app gives you full control over your personal information which is extremely important in these crazy times when you can easily fall prey to hackers if you are not careful enough. The ability to send secret, self-destructing messages has many other perks for all everyday users of the internet including having better control of your private files and basically everything else that you share with others on the internet. The bottom line, with the Ramnia app you:

  • Increase your data privacy
  • Keep your personal data protected
  • Enjoy risk-free internet communication
  • Send encrypted, secret self-destructing messages
  • Send encrypted files such as images
  • Encrypt all of your online communication
  • Get notified when a recipient gets your Secret Link
  • Stop worrying about your online privacy

Ramnia App Uses the Strongest AES Encryption

Both the app and the web-based Ramnia service use the most technologically-advanced clientside encryption AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) where the encrypted data gets supplementary transferred via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. In its essence, the AES-256 + SSL is a powerful, encryption-based security protocol with the main purpose to ensure complete internet privacy and data integrity. This encryption technology for internet privacy was introduced back in 1995 and since these times, it has been enhanced to provide the highest privacy degree.

Every message you send using the Ramnia app is fully encrypted with an individual key within the app which is then transferred by SSL. This technology encrypts data or messages that you send online so anyone who tries to access this data will see nothing more than a bunch of meaningless characters that cannot be encrypted by any means. The encryption technology that powers the Ramnia app also provides complete data integrity and makes sure the data you sent is not tampered with in any way as it reaches your recipient.

Over the years, there have been several different SSL iterations and one of the strongest is AES with a key length of 256 bits that the Ramnia app employs. This encryption technology supported is practically unbreakable so it is used worldwide by the military as well as the government to protect all classified information and sensitive data.

Today, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a must-have when it comes to electronic data protection and cybersecurity. Immune to all sorts of cyber-attacks, the Ramnia app with its military-grade encryption technology lets you communicate with others risk-free at all times.

Get the Ramnia App Today

Now that you know how the Ramnia app works and what it offers, enjoy risk-free internet communication any time and any place as soon as you install the app on your iOS or Android device. self-destructing messages are the future of internet communication and the Ramnia app follows the latest trends when it comes to internet safety, encryption technology used, data privacy, and data integrity.

To learn more about Ramnia, self-destructing messages, secure notes, encrypted notes, and much more, check other articles on the website. To get started, head to the Google Play or App Store, download and install the Ramnia app, and never again worry about your internet communication.